Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Short Stories?

For the past couple years I've been writing a lot of short stories.


I have several good reasons.

One: it means I have more releases in a year than if I write only one or two long books. This keeps my name in front of the reading public.

Two: One of my publishers usually releases short stories that are part of an anthology later as a stand alone title. They also put stand alone short stories into an anthology later. AND they've started recording mainly their shorter stories as audio books.

Three: One of my other publishers just jumped into the audio book bandwagon and they told us that they prefer to make the shorter books, not the longer books, into audio books.

Four: Since I write erotic romance, a lot of erotic romance readers say they prefer to read erotic romances that are about 40,000 words or less.

Occasionally, I still write longer stories, too. But for now, as long as I have a day job, I foresee writing many many more short stories.

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Sandra Tuttle said...

I also responded via Twitter, but that can be so limiting. Which is why I suppose I have the problem I have... I can't seem to write short stories. I write open ended series or at least trilogies. I just can't seem to write anything of a short length. Any suggestions oh how to change the way my brain thinks about a story? I know it would make me infinitely more marketable and be a great way to get my name out there.

Unknown said...

I enjoy writing shorts. They're quick, fun and easy to write. I agree it gets your name in front of readers more often - very important in this business. I would eventually like to write longer when time allows, but I have that dreaded day job too. :) Have to pay the bills.

Molly Daniels said...

I like the longer books, because the character/plot will be more developed. But I also like shorter books because they're easier on my wallet:) And I can whittle down that TBB list faster, hee hee:)

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