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This or That by by author of Crepes Suzette - Janet Elizabeth Lynn

Crepes Suzette-A Cozy Mysery


Janet Elizabeth Lynn





Wrigley Rose, 25, editor of the Uptown Bulletin, decides to take life more seriously and makes positive life affirmations. With the encouragement of her two best girlfriends, she ventures in search of her biological parents and a husband to begin a family of her own.  She discovers that her positive life affirmations work. She finds three great, but different guys to possibly settle down with, plus, she finds a lead in her search for her birth parents.

The community has always loved her witty and humorous column. But suddenly, a slander lawsuit is slapped on her and the paper. When the three guys she thought she couldn’t live without and her job become tenuous, her life takes drastic turns she never could have imagined. Especially when she discovers mysterious information about her family. Wrigley is thrown into uncharted waters and life threatening danger.



I walked into Boss man's office for our Monday morning stand-up meeting at the Uptown Bulletin.  As usual, we were waiting for Ed our copy guy.  My co-worker Nate the Snake was making nice with Boss Man, and Boss man's secretary,  Lucy but I call her Looney Bin.  This week she's in an outlandish, peacock blue, pressed on lamée outfit. 

First up on the agenda was the Gay Pride Parade.  “I think Wrigley should go.”  Nate the snake whined.  “She’s in charge of the Entertainment section, not me.”

I countered with my schedule, “I have to be at the Art Festival which brought in thousands of dollars last week.  They’re giving the paper an award and they’re expecting me.  I’m already scheduled with two other events that Saturday.”

“I'm not going.  It's your event.  You figure it out.” Nate the Snake smiled, showing his tombstone teeth.

“I can't,” I wanted to yell but kept the lid on it.

“I'm not going and you can't make me,” he folded his arms, extending his chin like a child in a tantrum.

I watched his lips, fully expecting him to stick out his tongue.

“He doesn't want to go Wrigs,” Boss Man looked over his shoulder at me and blew out a smoke ring.  “Make it work.”

“I can't make it work.  I can't be in two places at once!” I think I was close to shouting.

“Okay then send Lucy.” Nate the Snake suggested.

“I'd love to!” spilled out of Looney Bin.

“She can't do it!” I can just see Lucy walking down the sidewalk in her lamée with a crowd of gay men following her while bidding on her outfit.

Everyone looked at me, the room went dead silent.  I shouldn't have said that.  Think Wrigley, say something nice.  “It's dangerous.  She doesn't know the ins and outs of covering an event like this.”

“Okay, I'll pick you up and I'll take you.  You review it.” Boss Man volunteered.

Silence again.  I put my hand on Looney Bin's shoulder, “I'll give you an outline to follow.” I had to sound like I wanted to help.

“Don't touch me,” Looney Bin crouched to the other side of her chair.

 “Okay.  Now the next thing on the agenda,” he looked at me.

“So, why do I need a babysitter?” I protested. “I've been the editor of the Entertainment Section for four years.  This never came up before.”

I told myself to calm down, and stay focused.  I can't let it get to me.  I'm a big girl, I know how to take care of myself.  I tried to listen to Boss Man but I couldn't get last night's assignment at the Bohemian Folk Music event out of my head.  It gave me such a headache that I left early.  It's still echoing in my head!  

I titled my review, “One hundred and one ways to bang on things.” Boss Man is going to have a fit when he edits it.  Knowing him, he'll sit back in his chair, blow smoke rings and stare me down.  The number of smoke rings determined how mad he is.

I deliberately drank coffee this morning so I could focus for a long period of time.  Nate the Snake was talking to Looney Bin.  Her peacock blue four inch nails and hair bands sparkled from the sky light.  I saw Boss Man's mouth move, but for some reason I couldn't process it.  Focus, Wrigley, focus.  There went my stomach again.

“So, if I'm doing a good job,” I inquired, “why do I need a babysitter?” I really felt indignant about this.

“Escort, Wrigley. Escort.” Nate the Snake interrupted. “And just think, he may be some gorgeous guy to escort you around!”

“Look,” Boss Man stared me down with those bushy eyebrows of his.  “The attorneys said I'm liable…the paper is liable should something happen to you on an assignment.  So we're sending an escort with you. Deal with it Wrigs.”

I hate it when he calls me Wrigs.



Sports or crafts?                                           Swimming

Truth or dare?                                               Dare

Water or land?                                               Water

Cats or dogs?                                                 Dogs

Bicycle or motorcycle?                           Bicycle

Sandals or high heels?                                Sandals

Alpha male or beta male?                         Alpha Male

Historical or futuristic?                             Mysteries

Christmas or Halloween?                         Halloween

Curly hair or straight hair?                       Straight hair







I was born in Queens, New York and raised in Long Island, until I was 12 years old. My family escaped the freezing winters and hurricanes for the warmth and casual lifestyle of Southern California.

I’ve always wanted to write so made it a quest to write a novel. Ten years later, with much blood and sweat, my first murder mystery novel was published in 2011.

I have traveled to the far reached of the planet for work and for pleasure, collecting wonderful memories, newfound friends and a large basket of shampoo and conditioner samples from hotels.


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