Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nudists on strike

This is officially a Halloween costume. It could also be a picture of erotic writers on strike. Or erotic writers with a severe case of writer's block. If you're a writer with writer's block, what can you do to break the block? Surf the web for fun things like this to blog about or just to kill time. The web is full of ideas. Go for a walk or a swim. Any form of exercise gets your adrenaline flowing and your mind working. Brainstorm. This can be done alone or with a friend. Write down as many ideas as you can, at least twenty, no matter how far fetched. This can be done for the major plot ideas and also for scenes within the story. Enjoy sex with your partner. Lots of ideas for erotic stories evolve during sex. Eavesdrop on conversations. Sit anywhere in a busy mall and listen to people. Jot down notes. You can also observe different character types and make up mini stories for each. The mall is full of diverse people. If you go on a weekend and sit in the food court, you'll find plenty of character descriptions. Read book and articles. If you're at the doctor's office pick up a magazine you wouldn't normally read. This also makes you a better rounded person as well as open up new ideas out of your normal sphere of influences. Ditto for movies. Relax and watch a movie at home. Keep a notepad and pen or recording device available at all times. Jot down notes of anything story worthy for future reference. Take plenty of pictures. This is also good for future reference for story ideas, blog posts, and Twitter Twit Pics. Keep a log of story ideas. Once you finish a story, if a new one doesn't come to you right away, no worries. You already have a list of stories waiting to be worked on. If you can, take a vacation. Visit new places. See new people. Experience new things. Everything is food for stories. It doesn't have to be a week or two. Even a day trip to a new place can spark new ideas. Play. Have fun. Relax. Stress can inhibit your creativity. Maybe you just need a small break to rejuvenate.

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Unknown said...

I never have writers block. I think it's because I never think of myself as a 'writer.' Take anything too seriously and you're screwed.

Sandra Cox said...

I love the pic:)
Good advice.
I find sometimes it helps just switching locations, moving from a spot you normally write in to another.

Linda Kage said...

Wow. You have lots of great block-relieving ideas. Thank you. And, yeah, I agree with Sandra. Love the "Nudist on Strike"!

Regina Carlysle said...

Great ideas! Sometimes I think we just need a little break. That notion hanging over our heads that we must produce and produce quickly can really bend your mind.

Katie Reus said...

Great ideas! I love eavesdropping, lol. :) Btw, love the picture, hilarious!

The Bumbles said...

Cute costume! I brainstorm all the time to get the creative juices flowing. After a few minutes ideas start popping into my head and I get motivated to spend time on one of them. Works almost all the time.

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