Thursday, October 08, 2009

People Don't Fall Out of Trees Without A Good Reason

Have you seen the movie "Back to the Future"? By now, I imagine a lot of you have seen it several times. It's certainly one of my favorite movies.

In the first movie of the trilogy, do you remember how Marty's dad. George McFly, fell out of a tree in front of Lorraine's house, in the middle of the road in front of her dad's car?

Lorraine's dad yells to his wife, "Another one of these damned kids jumped in front of my car!"

Clearly, Lorraine's dad is clueless that George and all the other boys who "jumped" in front of his car did so for a real reason. In this case, they were spying on his daughter who had a penchant for undressing in front of her open window. The tree in front of Lorraine's window was a good spot to "bird" watch.

If I'd been Lorraine's dad I've have been curious to find out "why" even one, much less several, boys were falling out of trees in front of my house. It's not exactly an everyday thing. To my knowledge, no boys have ever fallen out of a tree around my house.

If you want a closer look at this pic where you can see what George is seeing go to Picsearch.

Trying to sell books or bring traffic to our websites isn't as easy as figuring out why boys are falling into the street. We have to look at several more places than only our house or immediate vicinity.

Like Lorraine was doing (intentional or not - probably intentional) we have to advertise our items for consumption to let consumer know they exist. Unlike Lorraine, it's not as easy as leaving our curtains open for people to find us. We have to send out word to potential readers that our blogs and/or our books exist.

I noticed that once I started gaining followers on Twitter AND posting my url to my blog posts a few times a week, my blog traffic increased. My blog membership has also increased. Hopefully, this will also help to increase sales of my book.

I also promote other places - book review sites, other blogs that are not my own, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, etc.

When I receive my monthly royalties, I can't pinpoint which promotion activities I did sold books.

Thanks to my blog's statistical counter, keyword analytics, and its ability to tell me which sites my visitors came from, I can better pinpoint when and what things brought visitors to my blog. That's a good start.

It's almost like people falling out of trees except a lot more high tech. Sometimes I wonder if it's as effective as Lorraine's undressing in front of an open window to lure interested customers.

If I never wrote a blog post, never tweeted, never advertised my books, it's possible very few people would know they exist - unless hopefully, word of mouth got around (like I'm sure the high school boys talked about Lorraine). Without knowing a product exists, people can't possibly read them. They won't just fall out of nowhere to miraculously become readers.

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Unknown said...

Aaahhh, we must promote our hearts out if we want to increase sales. I too, often wonder if all the promoting is leading to an increase in sales. I'll be curious this month as I've seen a big spike in both my blogs. Interesting.

Molly Daniels said...

Okay; maybe I DO need to try the Twitter thing...

Tess said...

What I love most about blogging is that I am meeting great people, learning a ton, having fun .. and, oh yeah, I guess it counts as marketing or building a platform. It doesn't feel like work, though. It just feels like community. :)

Robyn Campbell said...

Like Tess, blogging is a FUN way to market. I have met so many great people, like you. And I know that when I am published I'll make sure ALL my friends KNOW it! :)

You have a reader here, Ashley. :)

Unknown said...

I don't think of my blog as marketing - well maybe a little. But I've made friends and I'm making more friends and it is FUN. I can get lost in blogs all night, all weekend. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to visit all the blogs I want.

The Bumbles said...

All avenues are marketing possibilities - finding the right way to use them is often the hardest. I use our blog on a continuous basis to link elsewhere - but try to do so in a subtle or not so in your face way. Great analogy as usual in your post!

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