Sunday, October 11, 2009

Must Write Must Write Must Write!

It's not always easy to write when we have families or other people who dictate how we have to spend our time. Writing is not a job for the faint of heart or lazy souls.

It is portable, however. It's also a job that can fit around and into the rest of our lives. To a point, anyhow.

This is one of those months for me in which I've been charged to do three pre-edits and about four edits. I finished the third pre-edit at my daughter's softball practice this morning. Out in what felt like a hundred degree heat, sweaty, grimy - oh you don't want to hear all that. Oversharing! Or that wild softballs kept hitting the fence in front of me, sometimes making me jump.

Despite lousy accomodations and very noisy neighbors, I was able to work. There was a table and electrical outlet so I could set up my lap top, which I did. See?

I thought I caught some of the team in this pic but the sun was so bright I could hardly see my cell phone screen much less my computer screen. Perhaps next time I should take a big umbrella to block out the sun's glare.

Tomorrow is my daughter's every other weekend Fall Ball softball tournament. All day tournament, starting at 7 am. No desks, no electrical outlets. But there's no way I can be away from writing for an entire day, not when it's usually my time to write.

So I'll do what I have to do. For now that means writing the old fashioned way: by hand. Until I can buy a new lap top battery which would only last for four hours tops anyway, this works. Yes, I know the story still has to be typed in but as I edit while I do that, it's not wasted work. Getting the idea down is the hardest part.

Some people wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning in order to write for a couple hours before they go to work. Others burn the midnight oil. There are those that write during their lunch hours.

If the burning desire in your heart is to write, if you spend a lot of time thinking about writing, then barring extreme situations, there are ways to work in at least a couple hours a week.

If you have challenges finding time to write, how do you meet them?

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Unknown said...

Have fun on the field. We have to be there at 9am, but we have chilly weather!

Unknown said...

It's like anything in life - you make time if it's important to you

Unknown said...

I wrote about 1,500 words today. I had to put earplugs in to do it and I felt bad as I didn't want to be antisocial. But the mom next to me jabbered on her cell phone for almost two hours straight in a high pitched voice. I didn't want to lose my spot in the shade where I could see the game or else I would have moved. Next time maybe I should just move.

But I finished the rough draft so I'm pumped. I'm also, unfortunately, too beat to type it in tonight.

Sandra Cox said...

I've stopped pushing as hard as I used to. If I don't write every night so be it.

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