Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snippet Saturday: Characters in Danger (excerpt)

Today's Snippet Saturday theme is "Characters in Danger".
I love not only romance but action, adventure, and danger. Not all, but several of my
stories find the hero or heroine in danger. Finding yourself face to face with a 
determined but gorgeous vampire, would qualify as all those things I think. 
This excerpt is from my erotic vampire romance "Truth, Justice & The Vampire Way" 
sequel to "Blessed Be" and published at Elloras Cave.

Tony Nelson yawned widely against is palm as he navigated downtown Ft. Lauderdale
streets in the middle of the night on his rescue mission to save his neighbor’s sister. As 
usual Carlos’s rickety low rider was out of commission, and as usual, he’d turned to his good buddy, unable-to-say-no-pal, Tony, to save the day.
Tony really didn’t mind. He enjoyed helping people. His ex called it his curse. He considered it his blessing. He’d made humanitarianism his life’s mission. He’d never forgive himself if anything happened to a sweet young girl like Maria.
Even though Carlos should haveridden along with him, he wouldn’t hold Carlos’ 
lack of chivalry against the young woman. Downtown Ft. Lauderdale was no place for a young girl to be stranded alone in the middle of the night. He wasn’t particularly thrilled to be here himself and he was a powerfully built thirty-one-year-old man.
From out of nowhere, two bats swooped in front of his coupe, forcing him to slam on the brakes. The car spun out, before it skidded dizzily atop the curb, landing with a sickening thump.
Bats? In downtown Ft. Lauderdale?
Gaping in the rear view mirror, Tony blinked. One of the bats lay hurt in the middle of the deserted boulevard. Eerie fluorescent green light bathed the winged creature. His heart went out to the injured mammal and he loped over to it and knelt by its side. Stroking it gently, he asked, “You breathing, little guy? I didn’t think I hit you.” He hadn’t felt a collision, not even a little thud.
But everything had happened so fast anything was possible. He checked the raven creature for blood and broken bones, his fingers ginger. Or did bats have cartilage? And how could he tell if cartilage was broken?
Before his eyes, beneath his hands, the bat turned into an exquisite raven-haired nymph with alabaster flesh that gleamed pearlescent under the flickering street lamp. The beauty’s sooty lashes fluttered and then she widened the most stunning jade eyes he’d ever gazed into, eyes that instantly cast a bewitching spell over him. She cast a glance over his shoulder and arched a finely shaped brow. “This one?”
A man’s amiable voice answered from very close behind him. “He’s the one. Do it.”
Tony blinked, hoping he’d return from the Twilight Zone. But the siren was still there when he opened his eyes. Only now the shadow of a man mingled with hers. “What just happened?” He didn’t discount aliens or dreams.
“I just won my bet,” the man said, a warble of a smile in his voice.
The woman frowned, darkening, but not obscuring her exotic beauty with her alabaster complexion and long, wavy raven locks. The sparkle of a diamond stud in her pert nose drew his gaze. “Not yet.”
What bet? And what alternate universe had the odd pair come from?
“Uh, are you okay? Do you need a lift somewhere? Do you need to use my cell phone?” He fished in his pocket for the wireless gadget and then flipped it open and held it out to them.
“See?” the flamboyant man said as he rounded Tony. “A truly nice guy.”
The woman’s scowl deepened as she circled him, looking him up and down as if he was a showroom model. “Debatable.” She flung herself into Tony’s arms and ripped open his favorite Prada dress shirt and sank her fangs into his breast.
Available at: Ellora's Cave
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