Saturday, October 06, 2007

Halloween: What are you going to do and who will you be?

Who are you going to be for Halloween? This guy on the right? (The Burger King). Snort.

I kid my daughter that I'm going to be the ghost of a catcher killed by her wild pitcher. I'll don my catcher's gear and paint bruises and cuts and blood all over myself (I hope they'll be fake - some nights I come out of pitching practice bruised up for real). I just may do it, but I don't want to hurt her feelings, so maybe I'll be something else.

Ooh! Here's a sexy one - the kids expect me to be super mom, so why not Wonder Woman? Almost the same difference. How about this costume?

Or this referee girl below? This is the one my hubby would like. Of course, he lives for baseball/softball.

I'm really thinking of just making some black spider legs and strapping them to my back and I'll be a giant spider. I don't know why. Can you say home made? Inexpensive?

I can't hardly believe this - and I found a big category for this. And I thought we erotic romance writers were out there. Get a load of this.

And NO, I'm not going as this.

Did you get it yet? Can you tell what it is?

Jut in case not, it's "Holy Shit". LOLOLOLOL. I'm dying here. Can you believe it? WHO would go as this? (Or worse). It's funny as hell. Oops, it's supposed to be holy.

Now, what are you going to do? Are you even going to dress up this year?

My daughter wants to have a Halloween party at our house with her closest friends. Of course, I'm sure she'll still want to go trick or treating, too. Always! Are you kidding? She's only 17, so she's still a kid. At least she thinks so.

We always have the trunk or treat at church, too. Can you really imagine me going as "Holy Shit" there? Well, it is holy...

Okay, I shouldn't go there. I'm having too much fun with this.

The homemade costumes look like the most fun. You can tell how productive I'm being on this beautiful Saturday morning. We were supposed to be at my daughter's softball game, and I always get my walking in while they practice before the game, but the fields were too soaked for play and it was canceled. So instead, I'm giggling over Holy Shit, making my poor kids think I've lost it. Guess I have.

When I decide for sure what I'll be, I'll take some pics and upload them here.

So dish.

Oh! I just have to add one more. My daughter and I are dying here. My eyes will be red all day, probably all weekend.

Guess what this one is. No fair peeking. Guess first.

Did you get it?

It's: No Shit Sherlock


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

LMAOROF! These costume were funny. I enjoyed this post Ashley thanks for a good laugh LoL

I am not sure if I am doing anything for halloween are going to dress up. Might just stay home and watch scary movies with my fiance :)


Caffey said...

Hi Ashley! Oh I'm not good at interpreting these. That last one I'm thinking about 'No I'm not pregnant' LOL. I'm know i'm totally off cuz what does that horn they have in their mouth meaning? LOL.

Oh I don't dress up no more. I haven't been to a Halloween Party in years (Gross but one year I went as a Hockey Player (which at that time, my hubby played on college team) and he dressed up as a pumpkin, using a real pumpkin (yuck) LOL. My kids are now 18 and he's away in college so he never had interest in it, but my daughter 21 usually likes to go help families and those at the church and dresses up in anything she can find and usually makes herself look like a granny. LOL

Caffey said...

Linda, I hate horror movies. Worse one I saw was The Birds. I was so terrified for a long time with bad dreams as a kid from that, LOL. So I usually like the comedy if I watch any movies. I think instead I'll stick with reading a paranormal, mmm, maybe a werewolf or vampire book. I have to check my ebooks to see what I haven't read yet!

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