Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hunk of the week October 5, 2007

There are sooooooo many wonderful men in the world, it's been really tough narrowing it down to just one. But I've performed the impossible, and I've made my decision.

And the lucky winner is....

Giacomo Casanova!

I can't really say this picture wows me, but he was obviously something as more than two centuries after he lived, his name is still synonymous with the art of seduction. I wish I could time travel back and meet him.

For the first time, I watched Casanova the movie last night. Lately, I've not liked most of the movies I've rented, but I was delightfully surprised with this one. Heath Ledger played Casanova in this version, so he's also my hunk of the week.

Now HE (Heath) is a heart throb. Be still my beating heart. Too bad he's twenty years too young for me. Oh well... I can still look.

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Caffey said...

Ashley, is he an actor in movies? Sorry I'm so far behind in watching movies and not knowing who the actors are! I tho have recently got Sense And Sensibility to watch, which is based on Jane Austin's book.

I do tho, love Richard Gere. I used to watch all his movies before. I haven't watched in a few years of his but I think the gray hair of his is sexy :)

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