Friday, October 19, 2007

HunkS of the week

(this photo belongs in part two of this post)

It's been a busy busy busy week, so please forgive me for being absent for a few days. I was finishing up an edit and I was called away to jury duty in the midst of all that. Not to mention my daughter's softball team had games almost every night. That's on top of the day job.

Anyway, here's my hunk of the week. Actually, here's TWO hunks of the week.

The first is:



Well, his sonnets can keep me company any day...any night...

Okay, it's really Joseph Fiennes.

Doesn't he just have the most gorgeous eyes? They're so deeply intense, so romantic. I just melt whenever I see him, whenever I hear his voice. Now, he's my type of guy in every which way of which I can think. I have a weakness for the men with dark hair, dark eyes, and swarthy.

And here's my second. And I mean as he is now (as well as in the past). This man just makes me laugh out loud and roll on the floor.

The second is William Shatner, as himself, and okay, also as Captain Kirk. But I love him as Denny Crane in Boston Legal just as much or more than I love Captain Kirk. In fact, growing up, I was insanely in love with Spock, not Kirk. Kirk was cute but he just didn't do it for me. He was handsome and dashing but he knew it. As Denny, he knows it, but he makes fun of himself, and possibly of his alter ego Kirk???, so it's hilarious.
And how many mature men are still so cute? I love the twinkle in his eyes and that smile of his. I absolutely love his voice. He has one of the sexiest, nicest voices around.
I know the picture is on top as I couldn't get it down here with Bill's paragraphs, but please forgive me.
So, now it's your turn to dish on your favorite hunks and what you think of my picks.
So what do I want in my Mr. Right? A guy who looks like Joseph Fiennes and has the humor of Bill Shatner, one who can laugh at himself as well as at the world, one who will be charming (yeah, Shatner is very charming still, too), and one who is dashing. One who takes care of himself and those around him. One who isn't totally immersed in television.

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