Sunday, January 13, 2008

Billie Williams interview - quick note

Hi, I posted Billie's interview on Sunday EST which is my time. So this is the interview and contest for Sunday January 13th, 2008. So read the following post and enter Billie's contest. Ashley


Judith Rochelle said...

Hi Billie
What a great, great interview. you are such a afsdcinating person who seems to just grab onto life with both hands. Your books sound absolutely terrific. I am even now on my way to Winfs ePress to begin my Billie Williams collection.

Trista David said...

Hi Billie,

Thanks for interviewing and being so open. You have a lot of good ideas that you shared. Your Small Town Secrets book sounds interesting. Good luck with it.

Trista David

Eldheni said...

An excellent and well rounded interview. I was interested to see many things we share in common (4H, an interest in animals, gardening, and the necessity of time management)

Your book revolving around the training and use of bloodhounds sounds wonderful and I shall be certain to look for it.
I was also most impressed and interested in your use of TREES in character development and wondered if this is related to the Druidic beliefs in the character/qualities of certain trees?
I often use tree in my fantasies to represent certain traits/strengths.
I am so pleased your Book Tour brought you to Ashley Ladd's blog.
Continued success and best wishes


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy,
Excellent interview. I'm off to town on Thursday and will check out Small Town Secrets. Looks like it'll be a great read. I found your methods of character building fascinating. Thanks for sharing. I wish you much continued success.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sher, Pamela, Trist, and Judith for commenting on Billie's interview.

I can't wait to read Billie's books either. And I will try some of your character building techniques, too.

mystikalfae said...

I posted in the comments after the interview but thought I'd post here too. *LOL* Loved Billie's interview. The questions asked were great and the answers enlightening. I took to heart the need for myself to fill my space with some items to meditate on, or just look at when I'm feeling down. Think what Billie learned was solid advice for writers and non-writers alike. *LOL* And I'm no writer.

mystikalfae [@] gmail [dot] com

Unknown said...


Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, Billie gave a lot of sage advice for all of us, not merely for writers.

Unknown said...

I'm really sorry it took so long for me to answer all of you. thanks for your wonderful comments. I had to work until now so I have been AWOL.
Judy, I appreciate your kind words..I have found life is a lot more fun if you just live it in the now. All worry gets you is wrinkles and gray hair. LOL
Trista, Thank you I hope some of my thoughts will be useful to you. I appreciate your visiting the blog today.
Hi Pamela,
It makes it feel like a small world when we find others with our likes. I've only recently discovered the tree thing for character development, but it seems so right on if you find the month and day of your characters birth - it compliments the zodiac and it is associated with the Druidic beliefs though I am not a scholar by any means on the subject. Thanks again for stopping by and your comments.
Thanks Sher,,
I honestly believe Small Town Secrets has something for most readers - the characters are a lively crew and I sure enjoyed hanging around with them for as long as it took to get their story on paper.
Thanks for your kind comments too.
And thank you Mysticalfae, I appreciate your comments and the surrounding yourself with objects that make you feel good is certainly a good move. I have tiny teddy bears, a frog,dogs, wolves, polar bears, all from places I've donated to - a mansion on a rock, a wing nut (what Wings authors are called) that hubby found for me and a brass ring so I could literally grab that illusive brass ring...Theres more but my writing room is an inspiration.
Thank you all - this has been such fun. Remmeber Ashley needs you email addresses so we can send you that Golden Kettle Cafe Cook Book.
Make it a great Day!

Amber Y. said...

Hi Billie,

What a great interview. You have a lot of good ideas that you shared with everyone. Your book Small Town Secrets looks really good. I can already tell it will be a book that I will love!! Good luck!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Interesting how you use the zodiac with your characterizations, Billie. I do the same thing with Tarot cards.

And you're a knitter! Me, too. It really gets the creative juices flowing, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Billie, I have one question when do you sleep? You are an amazing woman.

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