Sunday, January 13, 2008

RT review of Enchanted Holidays

Here is the RT review of Enchanted Holidays. It's in print at Bordrs, Waldens, and probably Barnes and Nobles. It's also available in ebook format.



Various Authors

3 stars HOT

This collection of tales from ix authors who know how to please sets the tone for several romantic holidays. The blend of ghosts, mediums, prophecy and tragedy—most of which take place during the Christmas season—is a pleasant read.

SUMMARY: Kim Cox’s “Haunted Hearts” pits private eye Lana against spirits as she strives to solve the decades-old murder of her aunt. In “Mistletoe Medium,” Elizabeth Delisi brings together psychic Lottie and the deliciously hunky Sheriff Harkin. Chris Grover’s “Valentine’s Inn” uses a ghost to convince Rianna to keep her inheritance.

Alexis must defeat a demon-god in Elaine Hopper’s “Curse of Osiris.” Maureen McMahon’s “Ghost of Auld Lang Syne” has journalist Stacy in a fight to discover who’s haunting her new home. Sheryl Hames Torres’ Gemma is a first-rate scrooge until a tragic accident gives her the most important Christmas wish of all in “Fate’s Little Trick.” (CERRIDWEN, Dec., 378 pp., $9.99)

Faith V. Smith (reviewer)

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