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Guest Blogger: Author Marie Haynes

Please give a big welcome to TEB erotic romance author Marie Haynes.

1. Please tell us about your new book at TEB "Conquest of a Fairy". The cover is absolutely gorgeous. How did you get the idea for it?

I used to teach a short class in Celtic Mythology and I've been in love with the island all of my life. When I came across the legend of the Love Fairy, the story just flowed after that. And yes, the cover is gorgeous - and up for an award at Night Owl Romance.

2. I see you like scrabble and strip poker. I’m also a scrabble player. Who do you play strip poker with? Do you have any strip poker scenes in any of your books?

I have not played strip poker in years, but would love to again. Apparently, I'm not as subtle a cheater as I thought :)

Do you still teach? What grade(s) do you teach? Do you have a story that you want to tell us about one of your teaching experiences?

I am currently teaching primarily 9th graders English - I have 138 students right now. I also teach a literature class in November for a local University. Stories - gosh - after 22 years of teacher, there are just too many!

How is the knee you injured? Where do you like to hike? Does your family join you on your hikes?

The knee - that was something else! About 10 years ago we, the family, was on a canoe trip. We hit an embankment and the canoe tipped. I turned to "save" my 5 year old - who was perfectly safe - and slammed my knee onto a big rock. The knee cap slid to an angle pushing the tendon with it. I had a fulkerson's osteotomy last December - they cut open the leg bone, repositioned the tendon and straighted the knee cap. I still have two screws in that leg. I still like to hike, but just not as ruggedly. My favorite local spot is at Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis. My family joins me sometimes, but I do like the solitary walks as well.

What are some of your favorite movies and TV shows? Why?

Movies - Last of the Mohicans, City of Angels, Wizard of Oz - they're all kind of bittersweet and well done.
TV - Big Love - I like the idea of it being okay to have a loving open relationship with more than one person.

Why did you decide to write BDSM erotic romance? What about it do you like?

BDSM is a smaller genre and as a new writer, I thought I'd have a better chance of being published. My husband and I also practices some of the milder aspects of BDSM. It's really misunderstood by the general public. BDSM is all about respect, love, and meeting your partner's needs. I don't believe there is such a thing as a normal relationship - we all have unique needs.

What’s your average day like?

Average? I get up about 6:15, stumble out of the house by 6:30, drop my son off at high school, go to my high school, deal with all those kids from 7:30 - 2:30, leave at 3:30, run errands, check on my mother and 94 year old grandmother, come home, cook dinner, yell at the boys to do their chores, help with homework, grade papers, run kids to scouts, bathe, try to write a bit and drop back into bed by 10:30 and dream of summer vacation.

Are fairies your favorite Celtic character? Why?

I LOVE fairies. They have permission to use magic. I think we all have magical potential - even if it's just to put a smile on someone's face. We need to use our "magic" more.

Did you write the poetry on your site? Are you a poet? Can you give us a small sample?

Yes, the poetry is mine. It's a release for me. I've had had good life - but I've also had some hard times. I've lost a lot people I really, really loved, been assaulted once, dealt with tragedy. Poetry helps me cope. My only brother was murdered when he was only 27 years old. This one is for him.

In Memorium

Seventeen years ago you left me.
You may not have wanted to,
but you did.

Since then, I've given birth -Twice
changed jobs
changed cars
lost my father
(whom you gained).

I miss you.
I still love you,
always will.
I have tried to reach you,
tarot card reading.
Finally, I just remember.
Some people say that after a while,
images fade, faces blur.
Not yours.
I see you reflected in my tears
In my dreams you visit me.
I'm glad you didn't leave me alone.
But, are you safe?
Did your shaky faith sustain you?
Are there others with you whom we both love?

God, I miss you.
Brother, Where Art Thou?

10. Do you have any books in the works? Scheduled to be published soon? Please tell us about them.

I'm working on "Tasting Pleasure", the story of a woman whose husband divorces her and she makes her living as a personal chef. She finds a perfect Dominant in one of her clients. It's just the first draft so far, so no pub. date yet.

11. Please tell us about writing for the art magazine.

The art magazine was interesting. I got to interview quite a few artists and learn about their inspirations and challenges. I love the art world but an totally helpless as an artist. My husband does custom framing, so we are friends with quite a few artists. Writing about them was a new experience, but it was volunteer work and I don't have time for that now.

Where will you be appearing in the near future? On and offline?

I have a myspace page - I also write the blog for on the 8th of every month. My website is I try to visit each of those sites several times a week.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I'm grateful to you, Ashley for interviewing me. I think erotic literature is finally coming into it's own with more women writing. Women have denied their basic needs for a long time. Now that erotic lit. written by women is becoming more "acceptable", maybe we can be more honest about our needs and become happier people. Life is hard work. We should grab what enjoyment we can when we can. Again, thanks for having me.

You’re very welcome, Marie. I hope you’re right that erotic literature is finally coming into its own. Thank you for chatting with me and I hope you'll come back again. Ashley

Read the excerpt of Marie's exciting new book

"Conquest of a Fairy"

Rarely did tourists venture so far off the beaten path. And in a town where everyone knew everyone and everyone’s friends and relatives down to the fourth cousin twice removed, the sudden appearance of a stranger, especially a beautiful, young, scantily clad woman, was bound to draw attention. Seamus felt his blood run hot as he took in his first look of this delectable stranger. He rubbed his hands together, straightened his cap and left the better part of a half pint of Guinness sitting on his table at McMurphy’s Pub in his quest to be the first to introduce himself to the enchantress.

“Good mornin’ to you, pretty lady. Are you new in town?” Seamus grinned in what he felt to be a charming manner as he walked up beside her.

“Oh! You startled me! But yes, I am new in town,” she responded.

Seamus grinned again. “Well then, I am at your service.” He removed his cap and offered her a swift bow. “I would be both pleased and honoured if you would allow me to be your guide to our fine town. Would you be visitin’ friends?”

“Why, yes—and no. I mean I would be grateful for you assistance, kind Sir, and no, I am not visiting any friends. In fact,” she continued quite innocently, “I know not a soul in this village.”

Seamus’ grin took on a wicked gleam. “In that case, my lady, you’ll be wanting a place to lay your head. Perhaps a cup of tea, some food.” He gallantly grasped the girl’s elbow, gently guiding her around a corner. “I know of a lovely little cottage.”

“Thank you again,” she said. “Is everyone in this village so friendly?”

“Some more than others. But truly ‘tis no trouble at all. Just down this road a bit and we’ll be there.”

Seamus couldn’t believe his luck. This girl was not only beautiful but either incredibly naïve or incredibly stupid. He chuckled to himself as he imaged the delights he would take from her in exchange for the cottage. No one could resist Seamus Fenega for long.

* * * * *

Angus McMurphy, owner of McMurphy’s pub, narrowed his eyes as he watched Seamus trail over to the girl. Angus slammed down the glass he had been polishing. He and Seamus had grown up together and Angus knew firsthand that wherever Seamus went trouble followed. That blackheart had a reputation for slapping women around. Angus decided then and there that this newcomer would not be another victim.

“Pat—cover for me,” he hollered to his cook.

“No problem, Ang. Take your time,” Pat yelled after him, “And if you need a hand, just give a holler!”

Angus recalled that Seamus had dated Pat’s daughter some years back. He also remembered the bruise on her face and the scratches on her neck. He half grinned as he also remembered how Seamus had looked the next day after Pat had gotten hold of him. Hell, Pat was probably jealous that he was seein’ to the problem instead of himself. Angus had heard Pat comment often enough that someone needed to teach Seamus a lesson or two. Well, if Seamus needs a lesson, Angus thought as he flexed his shoulders, I’ll be happy to be a teacher.

Marie's book is available at:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your writing tips on Loose Leaf. The interviewee's poem really touched me, having lost two brothers.

Brynn Paulin said...

Great interview!! Love fairies, love your cover. Have you ever played strip Scrabble. My husband I used to as newlyweds, lol.

BTW, as a BDSM writer, I appreciated your answer on the subject. Right on target, Marie.

Unknown said...

Great interview:-) it's good to read about different genres.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

DJ Kirkby said...

Okay I am confused. You referred to Marie as a 'Romantic' author however I got the impression from reading her answers that she is an author of erotica.

Jennifer said...

Why doesn't anyone play Strip Scrabble? Now there's a game I could get interested in, because I might have a chance at winning!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by to see Marie's interview. Marie and myself also, are what one of my publishers calls "romantica" authors. That's romance + erotica. Officially, since romantica is owned (officially I think) by my one publisher, everybody else has to call it something else. The most apt would be erotic romance. It's not erotica because there's romance and a plot.

Anyway, the poem is very touching and I thank Marie for sharing such a poignant part of her life.

Annieye said...

Hi Ashley. Thanks for visiting my Blog. I've had a quick look around all your blogs - I'll definitely be popping back.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Marie, for being my guest yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you. Good luck with your cover in the contest and with your sales. May you have a long and successful career.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a moron some days! The myspace address is

I'm so sorry if this has caused any confusion!

Marie :(

Caffey said...

Hi Marie! So great to meet you. I know I'm late posting, but I get on when I'm having some good and stronger days :) So its still great to post here and with you and Ashley and others!

Fantasy is so exciting to read! My first reads of those in romance were from ebooks! Too I'm not that familiar with Celtic Mythology so I'm excited about your book. Your writing voice in the excerpt is beautiful, soft and serious at the same time! Will be adding to the wishlist!

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