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RomVets - military romance writers

I just found the RomVets tonight at:

I can't believe I've never heard of it before. I say that because I'm a disabled Air Force vet. I'm usually drawn straight to military romances and military writers' sites. (Now watch a lot of people pop up and direct me to a ton more I've missed - actually, I hope this will happen.)

I loved being in the Air Force and I hated it.

I hated the job itself. I am NOT an electronics or mechanics type person. I broke out in tears on more than one occasion because I could not get diodes, transistors, and all that other gobble-dy-gook. I tried to warn my Air Force recruiter that I knew NOTHING about electronics, but they insisted that I had the aptitude for it.

You ask why they thought that?

When any applicant wants to join the military, they have to take the ASVAB test (I think that's what it was called). It sc
ores the applicant on their aptitude in four areas: General, Admin, Electronics, and Mechanical. I scored General 90, Admin 95, Electronics 90 or 95, and Mechanical 25. Yep, I said 25 (as in twenty-five). That's not a typo.

I really wonder if the Electronics score wasn't a typo. I told the recruiter I had totally guessed on the electronics part of the test, that I knew absolutely nothing about it. The recruiter insisted that it did mean I had aptitude.

Guess what? I was lousy in that job. I was constantly upset at work. I felt like an idiot. I finally got out of the Air Force, partially because of that. Also because I had my first baby and I didn't like the idea of having to ship him off to somebody else if war broke out.

I also loved the Air Force - in the Drum & Bugle Corps/Flag Corps and off duty. The environment was a lot of fun. I liked being with my coworkers. I fell in love. I made lots of good friends. I had lots of fun.

I'm not sorry I enlisted. I do wish I'd went to college first instead of after, that I'd gone in as an officer. I also wish I'd stayed in longer, that I'd known enough to ask for a change of job.

But then, live and learn.

Now, I have to do so
me promo. This is a romance writer's blog, right? Here's an excerpt from "Chances Are" - one of my military romances.

Undiplomatic Relations - in the CHANCES ARE anthology
By Ashley Ladd
available at

In the 26th century, Major Kady Elliott witnesses a heartless massacre of innocent children. Deeply disillusioned and troubled, she escapes the evil murderer, Emperor Lukas. She vows to stop him, so she defects from the Federation and goes in search of the rebel forces hoping to join their ranks.

But that's not as easily done as planned. Not only was she a high-ranking officer in the Federation, but she is the ex-lover of the rebel commander, Admiral Shane Trigilio. And Shane's not only bitter about her supposed betrayal of him, but he's insane. To rebuild his trust, he demands she follow his every command…


Copyright © ASHLEY LADD, 2006.

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Do you remember what you said to me just before we crashed?”

Unsure of what her response should be if he repeated himself, wanting to kick herself if he reneged, she held her breath and masked her expression.

With unswerving canniness Shane met her gaze. “Of course. I have perfect recollection. I said ‘I love you’.”

Kady’s heart almost exploded with joy and her every emotional nerve ending fluttered. Happiness surged through her and she lifted his hand and pressed her lips to it. “And I never stopped loving you…”

His expression turned to granite and he yanked his hand back. “You have yet to prove yourself to me, sweetheart. In love or not, I’m not that crazy.”

Shane’s rock-hard expression smashed all hope and prayer of reconciliation. Hot acidic tears stung the back of her eyes, which she swiftly and harshly commanded to retreat. When they disobeyed, she threatened court-martial procedures. If only she could court-martial these insanely tender feelings Shane still stirred up. Four years of being on enemy sides should have killed any unauthorized emotions. How she wished it had!

Furious at her weakness for this man, she backed away a few steps. How dare he reject her so heartlessly! “I hope for your sake you can at least stand being around me. Looks like we could be on this deserted rock a long time.”

A long, long time. If they survived…

Could she stand to spend eternity with a man who wanted no part of her? Of all the people in the universe to be stranded with, why this crazy man that sent her emotions into melt down and her nerves into dizzy tail spins? She had no clue why she loved him.

He looked at her as pragmatically as if she were a desexed robot. “Guess I’m stuck with you.”

“Gee thanks.” Presumably she could dance around naked under the triple moons and he wouldn’t care.

Shane circled her, closing in. “You know, there might be a way…”

As she eyed him warily, Kady’s already frayed nerve endings sizzled. What was the fool up to? Scared as she should be, she had to hear this. She quirked a brow and tilted her head. “A way?”

“To regain my trust. To earn my love.”

Dreading his response, she schooled her features into a mask.

“Well? Don’t you want to hear what it is?” His blue eyes were so intense they almost seared her.

Treading carefully, she bit gingerly on his hook, hoping it wasn’t barbed. “How can I regain your trust, prove myself worthy of your love, and set everything right in our universe?”

A winning smile curved his lips, those same lips that had once driven her utterly, impossible mad with desire, that still made her lust after his mind-shattering touch. He slid his finger beneath her chin and forced her gaze to lock with his. “Submit to my every whim. Do whatever I say, no questions asked.”


Brynn Paulin said...

This is co cool! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the excerpt.

BTW - CONGRATS on the promotion!!!!

Brynn Paulin said...

Great interview today!

Unknown said...

You're very welcome! Hope you liked them.

And thanks for the well wishes. I hope I do the job and everyone justice.

Molly Daniels said...

Ashley, if you ever read my book Love Finds a Way, please don't yell at me for my take on Air Force life! Maybe I should have interviewed you instead of the ex-boyfriend...

Sandra Cox said...

I love 'The Bitch is Back':) Good choice for a ring tone;)

ryssee said...

Hi Ashley
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to read so I'll have to check out your books!
One of my closest friends just returned from a tour in Iraq-she's medical, had a good experience there. All service is worthy of honor and appreciation, so thanks for yours. Live and learn is one of the great things about life and experience in it.
Congratulations on your promotion!

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