Saturday, March 22, 2008 - new widget toy and my favorite songs

I'm finding lots of goodies blog hopping. I found a great one today. It's at (dot com) I think. Click on the blue box on the bottom right hand sidebar if you want to follow the link. I just uploaded about 45 of my favorite songs. Only a few weren't available yet. Anyway, the trick to listening to the entire song and keep it on while you're surfing or posting a comment, is to open TWO surf engine windows. I have my Ashley Ladd blog open two times - one as I'm typing in my post right this second, and the second is on my blog's home page where the music's playing. The next trick is to click on the "Random" play button and it will play the entire song and then randomly keep selecting more songs from my list. If you click on an individual song, it will only play a 30 second preview. I did put some of my very favorite songs in the top 10 spots in case you're that curious about what I like. BTW, this is a funky version of The Supremes "Someday We'll Be Together". I'm not sure I like it all that well. I didn't listen to the whole version before putting it on my player. I'll have to play with it a bit more. If you like music, have fun with this nifty gadget. Have a very happy Easter tomorrow and don't eat too much chocolate. :)


Unknown said...

Okay, I noticed everyone was putting gimmicky things on their blogs. I believe I will refrain and remain boring

Unknown said...

You're anything but boring.

I like techie things, always have.

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