Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol Predictions and Idiocracy

I'm still mourning the loss of Michael Johns on American Idol. I really thought he'd be in the top 3 this season.

Even though I was dead wrong about this, I'll go out on a limb and make my prediction about this Season's winners. Here goes. David Cook and Carly Smithson will be #1 and #2, not necessarily in that order. Jason will finish #3 (click on the video below. I've never liked dred locks before, but he's so adorable with them. And I love his version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" pictured here.)

David Archuletta will finish #4 Brooke will finish #5 Kristie Lee will finish #6 Sayesha will finish #7. However, if there's an upset, it will be that Carly is voted off early and in that case, I think Jason will be in the top 2. I've been guessing the #1 winner right for the past few seasons, if not the rest of the lineup. I really thought Chris Daughtry should have won his year, so I was wrong then. And I thought Constantine should have finished #3 in his season.

I'm watching "Idiocracy". I rented it again. I normally don't enjoy silly movies, but I this one works for me because the main character played by Luke Wilson is sane and trying to deal with an insane world - like a lot of the plots in my books. In case you've not seen it, Luke Wilson ("Joe") is the most average joe in the military and is put into suspended animation in a military top secret project. The project got shelved, he got lost, and he awakens in the year 2505 to a much different world. Unfortunately, it's not a better world, but a world in crisis. Suddenly, he's the smartest man in the world - by a long shot. Everything's nuts. It's not the Star Trek future. In this world, the buildings are leaning against each other and held together with big ropes or rubber bands. There's a highway overpass that's broken in half where cars just drive over - why do I always giggle at this scene? It gets me every time. :) The idiocy really annoys me in this movie, and yet, I like the movie. I think Luke Wilson and his costar, Rita, the most average woman in the world of 2005 when the army experiment was done, makes the movie. Get a glimpse for yourself. View the video above.


Utter Basketcase said...

I'm sorry! But I saw the title, and decided not to read this post!

You see, being in Australia, we are really behind in Idol! So I don't want to know what happens! :-) *covers eyes* lalalalalalaa

*GiGGLeS* I shall read this post another time, when I've caught up on the show! xx

Pat Cochran said...

I'm not into Idol so I haven't an
opinion on the show itself! I did
see coverage on the actual moment
of announcement. It seemed a bit
odd in the way it was presented!

Pat Cochran

Vi said...

*waving madly*


Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, been absolutely hectic. Hopefully I can catch up properly soon!


Sandra Cox said...

Sane, trying to deal with an insane world...hmm this sounds familiar.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Ash, Please send me your email address at

Unknown said...

I guess its good I put a spoiler in the title then. vbf. How far after we see shows do you typically see them?

Vi - waving madly.

Sandra - I'll send you my email in a sec. I was good yesterday in the sense that I wrote all night but I was bad because I didn't get online because I was writing. I went to borders where I couldn't get distracted by the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Michael Johns is gone. I was over here looking at guest authors, wondering if you'd be interested in letting a couple of my authors guest blog and voila, you sunk me right in with the American Idol stuff. I am so hooked. We've just ordered a pizza and waiting for it to come on. I cannot believe that Michael Johns is gone...he was going to win! What in the heck happened? My favorite is Jason Castro. That song is just fabulous! I see Carly as not lasting too much longer but then anything can happen. I loved David Archeleta and he's so adorable but he doesn't seem to have a connection with the others...did you notice that? Well, I'm rooting for Jason...we shall see. ;o)

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