Saturday, April 19, 2008

Evil Evil Clowns

The hubby dragged us to his company picnic today. On the surface, it sounded nice, but once we got there, it was set up for the employees only. The games were just for the employees and they didn't even want us to sit at the same table with our family member/employee during the games, so we just had to wonder about and amuse ourselves. What a waste of a Saturday. The hubby didn't seem to notice, or at least not care, that we were pushed aside for so long.

If that wasn't bad enough, they had an evil clown at the picnic.

Yes, I do mean EVIL.

All clowns are evil. They give me nightmares. Stephen King's Pennywise didn't help matters, just cemented the fact. The first evil clowns to cross my path were also known as my hubby's male sperm donor and his second wife. They pretended to be in love with children when they were dressed up as children's party clowns all the while being mean to their supposed grand children (my children). If that's not evil, I don't know what is.

Every time I see a clown, I get the shivers and want to run in the opposite direction just as fast as my stubby legs can carry me. I think I'd rather come face to face with a ravenous alligator and y'all know how much they scare me.

See? Isn't this gator sooooo much more cute and cuddly than those awful, evil clowns???

Now I'm going to pop over to the RomErotica Writers blog and post my entry for today. I promise I won't mention evil clowns or gators. I'll try to behave so please follow me over and make sure I do. :)

I'll also try not to miss any more days blogging. I was just so tired, so burned out. I couldn't even look at a computer yesterday. Do you ever get that way?


Unknown said...

I knew I liked you, Amarinda. GMTA

Sandra Cox said...

How rude about the company picnic! Sorry:(
I will never look at a clown in the same way again:)
Did you get your interview questions?

Unknown said...

Yes, Sandra, I got the questions. I've just been running like crazy. I'll get them done and back to you by the end of the weekend at latest. And I'll send you questions, too.

Kati said...

*shudder* Yeah, those clowns are diabolical and evil. I've seen one or two clown faces that aren't bad, but *cringe* Most of them are just freaky and not in a good way. I'm with you that the alligator (or was that a croc?) looks friendlier.

As for the co. picnic.... Yeah, I hate those things. I hope the rest of your weekend goes better!

Unknown said...

I love to be outside, and I used to like picnics, so I thought it might be okay. It sounded as if the employees had a great time. I know it was for the employees and I know my hubby didn't plan it, still... I'll make an excuse not to go again.

Jan said...

I wrote a very similar post on my blog not long ago. Clowns are just morally and ethically wrong! Whoever created them should be taken out and shot! But that's just my humble opinion! LOL
I'm not sure I could have held my tongue at the company picnic. How very rude!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Vi said...

I'm with you on the clown front. from the days of 'Poltergeist'. Especially as my mum had a clown doll that looked exactly like that, and once, I felt a movement under my bed, thinking it was my cat, I looked under it, and found the clown! Scared the crap out of me.

And yes, I get days like that where I can't face the computer, actually, just about all last month.

Utter Basketcase said...

oh YUCKY!!!

I have a fear of clowns too! Clowns and Rag dolls!!! :-S Eeeeek

How rotton of that workdo to not include family!!! GEES!!!

I so am with you on the days where I can't even look at the pc screen and just need a break!

We're only human :-)... UNLIKE CLOWNS!!!! xx

barbara huffert said...

Grandparents dressing as clowns and scaring their grandchildren? Now that's just plain wrong.

Your hubby's work should have specified it was employees only. And he should have noticed you were missing.

Cathy M said...

I totally agree, Ashley. Clowns have freaked me out ever since I saw Stephen King's movie, IT.

So sorry about the picnic. We always include all family member in the games, and encourage families to sit together as well.

whimsical brainpan said...

Now that was just rude of them!

Clowns are sooo creepy.

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