Friday, April 25, 2008

My sweetie pie

I stayed home from work today, not feeling too well, and so my Bobby crawled up on the bed with me.

He snuggled up to my breast and licked me with long sweeps of his tongue. It tickled and so I chuckled and tried to push him away. But his weight pushed me into the bed as his heart beat against mine.

His whiskers tickled my flesh and his warm breath feathered my skin as he caressed me so tenderly.

Then he moved off me and showed me his bare bottom as he tossed me a knowing glance over his shoulder.

He rubbed against me again and then returned to my chest where he made himself at home as he so often does. There's no doubt my Bobbie adores me.

Here's a picture of my sweetie pie, Bobby.

Isn't Bobby just the cutest guy?

I don't understand people who think cats are aloof and don't care about humans. If you met Bobby, you would instantly change your mind. He loves to be with people, especially with me. He was a better mother to Stacey's kittens than was Stacey.

How many of you are working moms? Let's swap some tips. I did NOT take my kids to Take Your Child To Work Day yesterday. Now I'm feeling a little guilty and wishing I had.

Why didn't I?

First, I thought the 17 year old was too old plus she didn't tell me she wanted to go until the last second as I was leaving for work. She would have been a foot taller than any of the other children. And she gets bored in about two seconds.

Secondly, the 13 year old's been acting up a lot. He'll be fine one moment and a brat the next. Honestly, I was afraid to let him loose on my coworkers and give him an opportunity to embarrass himself and me. He did well last year when I took him to my job with me. But this year, his behavior's deteriorated. I'm trying to figure out what's bothering him or what's going on.


barbara huffert said...

Your Bobby sounds like a real sweetie. People who've never been owned by a cat don't get it. How sad for them.

Unknown said...

Yep. The only thing I don't like is that he wants to claw me and sometimes nip when he's doing all this.

Utter Basketcase said...

Oh he's gorrrrrrrrrrgeous!!!

I used to think that cats wernt affectionate, because I never had one and people kept telling me this.

But now I've got 5 of them and they are the most affectionate little things on the planet! :-) xx

Unknown said...

I have met a few cats that aren't affectionate, or even crazy (like people), but overall, they're quite lovable and cuddly.

Kimberly McKay said...

Awww you made me miss my cat. I had to find another home for her after developing allergies. :(
Blog Hoppin....

Unknown said...

Okay - can't cmment as I am both a cat and kid free zone...and loving it

Unknown said...

Amarinda, it takes all kinds of people to make up our world. I'm lovin' the kids, the cats, and the dogs. Most of the time, I wouldn't mind if the hubby were to go, though.

trublmaka said...

lol! He's beautiful!!
I had about 13 members of the feline community in my 2 bedroom unit at one point - 1 male, 2 females and the babies (no, the male was NOT the father of any, but he was a happy uncle!)

I have a little something for you over on my blog Ash! It's in the post "Bless the BLoggers"


Unknown said...

Thanks trublmaka. I'm popping over to your blog now. Love gifts!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Since I work from home, every day is take your kid to work day, LOL. THANK GOD my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall.

Bobby is gorgeous! He sounds like a real sweetie! I've always been a cat person and have been blessed with cats with great personalities. (I've always found males to be more affectionate than females, for some reason.) Our cat, Gilbert, surprises most people because he doesn't run and hide when the doorbell rings. He answers it, LOL. He just seems to think, ahh, it's another human, stopping in to tell me how adorable I am and pet me!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

BTW I don't have a thirteen YO, but at that age, my best guess for the mood changes would be hormones.

That's sooo not a fun age to be.

Anonymous said...

Well your Bobby is a cutie! I had three cats, but one ran away and he was my lover. He was the most affectionate cat ever! My two still at home, one wants no touching at all and the other, well she is loving to the point of annoying.

Sandra Cox said...

I love Bobbie:) What a sweetie. You can always count on your cat, can't ya?

Jan said...

Bobbie is a cutie allright!! Love your description of his lovin'! LOL!
You're trying to figure out a 13 year old boy? Save yourself some trouble darlin'! Ya know, my son, who is 26 now, and I did all kinds of fighting when he was that age. Oh, I guess between 13 and 17...then it ended. Just like that! I think I tried too hard to figure him out and he thought of that as control. Good luck!


Unknown said...

I have 3 boys but five kids altogether. I thought the oldest was tough - he's now 27 and great - when he was young. Compared to the now 13 year old who's my baby, the 27 y.o. was a dream. The oldest settled down when he was about 14 or 15 and has been fine since. But he was a sneak, not outwardly defiant or mean like the youngest. He was at least nice to our face. The middle boy who is 26 now, was a dream baby, a dream child, and was great until about age 16-19 when he had a brief episode of semi-defiance - still nothing like the youngest. The two girls have had their rare moments, but hardly a blip compared to the boys.

I thought the oldest would kill me. Now I'm pretty sure the youngest is. In fact, I often call my oldest and his wife for help with the youngest when I can't handle him any longer and the hubby is off umpiring all weekend or all night.

Kati said...

Ok... I'm also loving your Bobby!!! But, my experience is that black male cats are much more lovey than most other cats. (*grin* Not that I'm "racist" or anything.) I've "owned" my fair share in my life (as a kid, mainly), male & female, of various breeds. Without a doubt it's been the black males that have been the most apt to cuddle and love on a person.

Let's see.... I think your son is probably dealing with an overabundance of, get this.... Hormones! *wink* No, seriously, my 10 year old daughter's been the same way for going on 2 years now. It's driving me nuts, and I alternate between wanting to give her a hug, and wanting to kick her out the door. I wouldn't DARE take her to work with me, either. (I don't particularly believe in "take your kids to work" day. My hubby stops by with her on occasion after a hockey game, but she doesn't come to work with me because I CAN'T work with her around. She's constantly needing SOMETHING.)

Best of luck with the hormonal teens. I keep hoping my daughter runs out of "ornery" before she's in full-swing of the teen years. Doesn't look like that's going to be the case. And, as I tell folks (seriously!), she hit terrible two's at 18 months old and at 10-1/2, she still hasn't left it. *sigh*

Unknown said...

You're not the first one to tell me this about black cats, Katy. Only the other person had said it was black cats in general.

But we have 4 cats that are either all black or almost all black. Two are female and two male. The females are not nearly as loving as the males.

When we adopted the first 3 cats, we went to a home that had at least 100 cats they were trying to find homes for. We wanted friendly, loving cats, so we sat down and waited for the ones who came up to us. It was the black and black and white ones. I didn't care what they looked like, or what colors they were. I thought it odd that they all turned out to be black. We hadn't intended to adopt more than two, but these 4 (one died awhile back) were all so loving, I couldn't leave any one of them behind.

I wonder why this is? Are other traits connected to their fur color? I'll have to do some research.

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