Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thirteener Thursday - If you're a writer - 13 things most writers do

Thirteen Things about Typical Writer's Obsessions

If you're a writer or hang out with a writer, you'll probably recognize a lot of these. Writing isn't only about writing. It's also about networking, promoting, and marketing.

1.... If you're a writer, you probably check your Fictionwise and Amazon (and probably Barnes & Nobles and other booksellers) rankings at least once a day. Probably more like several times a day. My most recent release "Wild Fantasies" was number 5 for my publisher (Total-e-Bound) earlier tonight.

2.... If you're a writer, you are probably on several readers and writers loops.

3.... If you're a writer, you probably have at least one of your books in your signature line.

4.... If you're a writer, you either went to the RT conference last week - or wish you did. You're most likely going to at least one writer's conference this year.

5.... If you're a writer, you most likely have your own blog and post excerpts and reviews of your books to your blog.

6.... If you're a writer, you Google yourself a lot.

7.... If you're a writer, you probably have several people talking to you in your mind.

8.... If you're a writer, you probably keep a notebook by your bed and in your car so you can write down ideas the minute they strike you.

9.... If you're a writer, you probably spend between 30-60% of your "writing" time promoting rather than writing.

10... If you're a writer, your family is well acquainted with hot dogs and cold sandwiches when you're deep in edits.

11... If you're a writer, you have dreams of quitting the day job and writing full time (if you're not already doing it full time).

12... If you're a writer, you probably have critique partners in several different countries, or at least different states, and you talk to them several times a day, maybe more than you speak to your spouse.

13... If you're a writer, you go into meltdown if your computer melts down or you lose Internet access.

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I really don't think I'm the only author who's obsessed with checking my book rankings. Or my website traffic count. Fess up, y'all. How many of you do it?

Do you Google yourself? Ooh, I just love to Google myself - except for the time I found a pirating sight selling my books.

Can I kill my hubby? I was watching the American Idol news and he changed the channel in the middle of it! Can you believe the nerve? I think this is definite grounds for divorce. He never asks me if it's okay with me before changing the channel or if the station he lands on is okay with me. I'm so SICK of it!!! This is definitely NOT a happily ever after. No wonder I live in a fantasy world and write romance so I can make up happily ever afters. No wonder we don't fantasize about 27 years into marriage. They'd all be like the beginning of the Kathleen Turner/Michael Douglas movie "Jewel of the Nile". Oy!


Unknown said...

Amen to all of these lol Happy T13!

Dane Bramage said...

I am so NOT a writer! Interesting list. It's #77 for me. An homage to Earth Day. Stop by if you get a chance.

Brynn Paulin said...

Sigh, yes... I google myself at least once a week. Obsessed much? Just a little.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a writer and I was going down your list looking for ones that apply to me. I came to the notebook one, but if I say it's true about me I'd be deceiving you, because I have about 3 notebooks and I keep mislaying them.

And I don't do any promoting at all. Bad, really.

pussreboots said...

So far I'm just a wanna-be writer but I can relate to #7. Happy TT.

Unknown said...

"Can I kill my hubby?" have you got somewhere to hide the body?

And pirated sites suck - I always check and report them

Molly Daniels said...

I had to laugh when I saw #13! My hubby is convinced I'm addicted to the internet!

Yup...nearly guilty on all 13...

My hubby knows better than to interrupt my reality TV nights:) I'd say definitely grounds for the iron skillet treatment:)

Jan said...

Great list and very informative to those of us who are writer wannabe's! : ) It's been a dream, but I have no clue where to begin. Guess that means it isn't a passion?
Thanks for your list!

Vi said...

I'm not a writer, but I can relate to no 13!

Shelley Munro said...

Great list. I definitely go into meltdown if something goes wrong with my computer. It's like my hands are missing. :)

Sandra Cox said...

Loved the if you're a writer, Ash:)

Unknown said...

Nicholas, I'm famous in my family for having tons of stenopads with notes and stories - and then misplacing the one(s) I need. They're all over the house and my car.

Unknown said...

Speaking of hands missing, Shelly, I caught for my daughter during her pitching lesson tonight, and she's throwing so hard now, it hurts my hand even though the glove's on. As typing is my life, at the day job and the writing, that would be disastrous if the pain hangs around or the fingers get stiff. Her coach told me to wear a glove, inside the glove from now on. Not a writer thing, but you made me think of it. :)

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one checking my ratings more than once a day, LOL. I was TWRP's #1 seller on Ficitonwise with The Model Man for a couple of weeks--I was seriously bummed when it slipped to #2. What kills me is I keep checking back, LOL, like if it moves back up that will somehow make me feel better.

Oh, we writers are a vain lot, are we not???

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