Friday, April 04, 2008

Typing Test - I type 95 wpm

I like tests. Maybe I'm weird. I even liked tests in school. My hubby and kids hate them.

I just found this typing test while blog hopping. I would've sworn I type 100+ wpm, but according to this, I'm only at 95 wpm. :( Oh well. That's still not too shabby.

95 words


If you take this, let me know how you do.

I also found this nifty library card generator. Check it out:


Utter Basketcase said...

Oh I hate these things! They really shatter my confindence!*GiGGLeS* :-D ... great job tho! :-D xx

Unknown said...

My typing speed depends on mood...generally been a slack arsed 40 to OMG it's 4pm and I want to leave work 60...and typing tests are the work of the devil. I always change the set text I'm typing to make it sound more interesting.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Mine was 104 wpm, which is actually kinda slow--don't tell my high school typing teacher that I've slacked off! I used to make 120 wpm on those ancient IBM electric typewriters.

Of course, it probalby helped that I took the test right after my second cup of coffee this morning! *G*

Unknown said...

Wow Nicole! 104? That's awesome.

Amarinda and vbf, in high school, I was lucky to type 30 wpm with a ton of errors. I made B's and C's in typing class. I didn't really care as I only took typing as a back up and computers were only just coming into the school so I never envisioned typing for my own uses. Several years after I started writing romances and typing in the books, and I had another typing test, had I progressed to the 80 and 90 wpm mark. I was pretty amazed. Then I got a day job where I typed a lot. That was 14 years ago, so now I practice daily.

And I know I'm weird to like tests. But I wish my kids did more. They're perfectly happy with C's (and not just in typing). Oy!

Debby said...

I did try it and failed miserably. I am not accurate when I type.

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