Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - You know you're living in 2008 when...

You Know You're Living in 2008 When...

1.... You gave up your land line phone in favor of a cell phone.

2.... Every member of your family, including your eight year old, has a cell phone.

3.... If you want to speak to two or more members of one household, you have to call each of them separately on their cell phone.

4.... You email the pizza delivery place when you have a pizza craving.

5.... Your kid texts the person sitting next to him. You're not totally surprised when one of your kid's friends parents end up with a $1,000 phone bill because the child went over allotted texts. You're sorry this happened but relieved if wasn't your bill. You update your cell phone plan for unlimited texting just in case your kid also becomes a crazed texter.

6.... You know who David & David are.

7.... You follow at least one reality tv show.

8.... You have a blog.

9.... You talk to your friends more on blogs than in person or in email.

10... You watch tv in your car.

11... Every other person you see is wearing New Balance gym shoes.

12... You use your cell phone as your alarm clock.

13... Everyone fights for the closest parking space at work but then spends breaks power walking.

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Shelley Munro said...

Oh, I think I know. American Idol, right? I had to laugh about the phone bill one. I've felt that relief - that the bill wasn't mine!

Sandra Cox said...

I particularly liked # 13.

Phoenix said...

And you kill people who get in the way of your DSL connection.

Vi said...

Nope, I don't know who David and Devid are! (Or seen those shoes before) Maybe I'm still stuck in 2007?

Unknown said...

David and David are David Cook, the new American Idol 2008 and David Archuletta the runner up for American Idol.

Unknown said...

My podiatrist told me to wear New Balance as my feet were aching. Since then I see lots of people wearing them. They come in different colors and slightly different styles, but they all have a big "N" on the side.

Anika Hamilton said...

I like the list. Thanks for letting me know . . . I am living in 2008.


Unknown said...

LOL, Anika. I'd just found out my daughter's best friend ran up the $1000 phone bill because she'd made TEN THOUSAND texts and my daughter said that her friends think it's funny to text people who are right next to them.

Molly Daniels said...

I had to chuckle because right after Christmas, my daughter and her bf were texting each other across the table in a restaurant. When I asked them about it, they went to the bathroom and we joked they were in side by side stalls, texting each other!

Hahaha...4-9 are true for us, and hubby uses his cell as a watch!

Unknown said...

Molly, once I texted my hubby when he was sitting next to me in the car - because we had a whole car full of kids and I was mad about something, but I didn't want the kids to overhear.

My family, including my hubby, will answer texts far faster than they answer their phone, so I'm stuck texting if I need to communicate with them.

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