Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blog comments

I just received an email from a friend who said " I would have posted a comment, but I understand that you don’t do comments any more." Um... I don't get it. I not only "allow" comments, I love comments. In fact, whenever I can, I sign on to see how many comments I have. Does that mean I have an addictive nature? I also like to check my publisher's Top Ten Best Seller List a gazillion times a day and rankings and anywhere else I can find rankings. I'm going crazy that TEB hasn't put back up their top seller list. Definitely leave me comments. I LOVE comments! Isn't comments what make blogs so wonderful? That we can interact, share ideas, make friends, get to know one another, and learn new things? I've learned so much from blogs. I've made new friends by blogging. I've also gained weight by blogging when I should have been exercising... Oh well... This particular friend doesn't have a blogger profile so he used to comment as "anonymous". Has blogger stopped allowing "anonymous" comments? I wonder if that's what he means??? So, y'all, leave me many many comments. Talk to me! I'm grateful to all of you who do. Believe me, so often you make my day. I know this month I've been sporadic answering as first I was on vacation for a couple weeks and then my computer fritzed out (I'm still begging to borrow the daughters' computer and so have to share and can't spend hours upon hours on it like I'm used to), but soon as my computer's back, I'll be more regular - blogging and commenting that is. :) If you see regular blog posts from me and so are sitting there thinking, this is baloney - the part about me not commenting - it's because I'm using the nifty little feature to preschedule my posts. I'm actually writing "Sunday's" post on Saturday. I'm going to try to post for the rest of the week this weekend. I know it will be another gruelling, brutal week at the day job, and I probably won't get home again till 8 or 9 pm every night, and I won't feel like doing anything except grabbing dinner and falling into bed. Plus, the girls look so woebegone when I ask to borrow their computer. As it is, they fight with each other over sharing it. I know, they're so deprived having only one computer between two people. Poor things. And now they have to share it three ways. Don't forget! My newest book "Liquid Heat" in TEB's sizzling summer Heat Wave series will be released this Monday July 21st (TOMORROW!!!!) at If you like M/M romance or just plain hot stuff, don't miss it. I really enjoyed writing it and re-reading it. There will be several other Heat Wave stories releasing also tomorrow at TEB. So if you're in a summery mood or you're in the Southern Hemisphere and want to warm up and pretend you're in summer, run, don't walk to TEB to check out these gems. Also, I think Amarinda's and Anny's contest is still going on so run over to their blogs and find out how to enter. That's Amarinda Jones and Anny Cook.


Phoenix said...

Ah yes, preposting is how I managed through the three week vacation. I love this new feature. Before I could only post an hour in advance. Now... muhahahahaaa, the options are limitless.

Have a good week at (shiver) work.

Molly Daniels said...

My children decided to insert the internet wire into S's laptop. Since I have to reboot the PC in order to switch it (which takes about 30 minutes!), I've just kept it this way.

I've posted 'anon' before, if I'm pressed for time and too lazy to sign in:) Not on yours, though.

Unknown said...

If people leave comments on my blog - fine - if not that's fine too. I'm do not feel the need to compete with other bloggers. As for best seller lists? They amuse me especially when you find out to sell say 15 books you are a best seller. I guess there is some strange satisfaction in that. Competition if fine - reality is better. I don't need to be ranked to know my worth

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cath said...

Here's another comment for you! Comments ARE great.

You have your comments set to not accept anon comments. You can change this in dashboard if you wish. It may be what your friend meant.

Unknown said...

I'll have to check that out as I didn't set it that way on purpose (for no anonymous comments). I used to get some anonymous comments. Thanks for the heads up Cath.

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