Wednesday, July 30, 2008

China is preparing for the influx of English-speaking tourists

China is preparing for the influx of English-speaking tourists. Here'r proof. :)

I knew it!
And I would want to wear unsightly and peculiar clothing why? Yeah...people with testes make my heart tinkle. So?
But taste like cat
I'm sure Starbucks is peeing in their pants.
I bet they bet they get a lot of guests this way.
Poor lettuce. :(
Um... A seperate entrance for Hos....why didn't I think of that?
Be careful tickling this guy.
Great with flied lice .........
Only if you look like Brad Pitt.
Go over there to die, please. Thank you.
Whoa! How unPC!!!
Sorry, Uncle Randy, we have to store you below.
So that's where all the dorks end up.
What a radically new "bottle" design.
Which is one step up from just lovely........
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Regina Carlysle said...

Someone sent this funny to me a few days ago...hysterical. Wonder how well the Olympics will be attended this year? I'll be glued to the set.

barbara huffert said...

Too funny!

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