Friday, July 25, 2008

What kind of heroes do you like?

A couple days ago, author Katie Reus asked what kind of heroines and heroes do you like (and dislike).

I started to write this post about the heroines and I'll touch on that tomorrow or soon. However, since my release this week was a M/M romance ("Liquid Heat" at Total-E-Bound) I'll focus on heroes.
Do you have a favorite type of hero?
Of course, there's the huge categories of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, but what qualities do you like in a hero you read about in a book? Do you like the same qualities in real life men?
I confess. I used to like Alpha males (in books). I thought they were oh so strong, so sexy. Yum!
However, I found out that in real life, I much prefer a beta male (I definitely married an alpha). I want a man who is a help mate, who is easy-going, one who will talk to me and do things with me.
I want someone who will make me laugh. Someone who is fun to be with and talk to.
He definitely has to be sexy.
I've always found one physical type extremely sexy. I like tall, very dark-haired men, swarthy complected, and dark-eyed men. I love a five-o'clock shadow on a man. I had one boyfriend like this a very very very very long time ago like this.
Thus, I was shocked at my reaction to the most recent "The Bachelorette" with De Anna.
Of course, if you didn't watch "The Bachelorette", you won't know the following people I'm talking about.
When De Anna got down to the final two bachelors, Jason looked like my ideal man, and while he was super cute and sexy, I really wanted her to pick Jesse - which she did. In fact, if I'd been in her place, I would have picked Jesse.
Here's Jesse to the right.
What's up with that?
Have I finally gotten over that physical type? I mean, I still found Jason to be very handsome and sexy, but I liked Jesse better. I loved Jesse's sense of humor and how fun he is and how easy to talk to he is. And, although he's not the epitomy of the physical type I thought I liked, I thought he was super cute.
Here's Jesse with De Anna.
Here's Jason (with the dark hair.) He's cute, too.
I veered, so let me get back on topic.
Although I've always known that looks don't matter, my heart pitter patters for guys that look like Jason.
As I mentioned in the comments on Katie's blog, I like to read about different types of heroes (and heroines). Elsewise, all the books would be the same and I'd be so bored I wouldn't want to read more.
Thus, when I create heroes, I make each one different.
I like men who are responsible, who tell the truth, who have a strong sense of morals, who are fun, easy to talk to, who are fun to be with, who kiss well :) , who have broad shoulders, and who don't take themself too seriously. I like them to be bright and quick and kind.
In real life, I like gentlemen. At work, we have one of these dying breed. He goes out of his way to open and hold doors for us. Last Monday when I forgot my lunch, he shared his grapes and crackers with me. All the ladies drool over him. He is very handsome. However, although I recognized and appreciated this, since he's blonde and blue-eyed, his masculine attraction had to grow on me a little longer. If I were single, now it wouldn't matter to me if he was a blonde, red-haired, or bald.
Eee! I'm rambling.
In books, I want the hero to sweep me off my feet, scoop me into his arms, and carry me off to his lair. Okay, so maybe I still like alpha heroes - at least in books.
What I don't like are bullies, TSTL heroes, ditzy people, sarcastic heroes, or ones that dwell on their past heroines.
Give me Gene Kelly.


Molly Daniels said...

So which one did she pick?

captain corky said...

Or Captain Corky. ;)

Phoenix said...

I loved dating Alphas. I married at silent Beta. Don't know what a Gamma is but I love the idea of an Alpha man who is wrapped up in Beta. I strive for variations on that in my writing. A sexy take charge guy who isn't afraid to admit when he's wrong or tell the woman he loves that she's everything to him, while taking care of her to the nth degree.

Shelley Munro said...

Tall, dark and alpha. Yep, gets me everytime. Add a sense of humor to that and I'm doomed. In books I really like the brooding, wounded hero, but I'm not sure how well this would translate in real life.

Unknown said...

Shelly, I love it in books, too. But I think it'd suck in real life, having to cater to the man's ego for a lifetime.

Unknown said...

Shelly, I love it in books, too. But I think it'd suck in real life, having to cater to the man's ego for a lifetime.

Unknown said...

Molly, she picked Jesse.

Unknown said...

Kelly, what you described is a Gamma hero. LOL.

Gamma's are a cross between alphas and betas.

So I guess what I truly love are gamma men. Guess I can never make up my mind so I like the combination.

Unknown said...

Captain Corky...We can dream can't we?

But I happen to know you're very happy with your wife, so you're out of the running in real life.

Kati said...

I like the geeks that have a good bit of bit of brawn under their button-up shirts. The computer guy with the broad shoulders and relatively flat stomach. The ice-skating hunk that turns out to be an english (or science!) teacher.

I like an smart guy who's suprisingly alpha. That's my kinda hero.

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