Sunday, September 07, 2008

Reporting from behind the scenes of (now non-) hurricane central

When we thought Hurricane Ike was breathing down our necks in South Florida, we went hurricane supply shopping. Here's what we found - or rather, didn't find much of.

Everybody hit the water pretty hard. Luckily we got several gallons of water when Fay was coming.
These empty shelves used to be filled with canned meats. As you can see, the easy to prepare without cooking stuff has been cleared out.
This gas station obviously had no long lines when I snapped this shot. I took this pic Saturday September 6, 2008 around noon when a lot of us thought Ike was still coming for a visit.
All of us are also stocking up on either charcoal or propane for our grills.
All the inexpensive Walmart crackers were out, too. Even the more expensive Saltines were gone. Only the party type crackers like Ritz were left.
This particular store seems to be pretty much deserted most of the time and thus wasn't too crowded today with people like all the others. It's one of the new Walmart grocery stores, not the super store. However, it had a lot more patrons than its normal. Okay, my reporting duty is over for today. It's time I finish my final edit of my short erotic vampire romance that I'm going to submit to Harlequin Spice Briefs. Wish me luck.


Debby said...

I live in CT and we had Hanna visit us and the shelves looked like that at the grocery store. Fortunately, it was just rain. You may feel we are lucky but we do get snow storms.

Lady in red said...

I am relieved for you, your descriptions the other day were quite alrming for someone like myself who has only lived through a very few hurricanes, the most notable being oct 1987 when most of us slept through it.

Trixie said...

So will the stores give refunds of hurricane food returned? lol.

Amazing how the stores make such a profit from natural disasters.

I remember the same, when I worked in a supermarket and a cyclone was coming our way, and we were trying to shut to go home ourselves. Batteries and water were all sold out.

Ashley Ladd said...

No, I don't think the stores will take back the food. It was interesting today that prices on gallon water jugs were down.

We just buy what we think we can eat otherwise in case there is no big storm or we save it for the next storm. We told the kids not to touch it as hurricane season's not over yet and Josephine is already out there even if she looks weak at the moment.

captain corky said...

I hope all that canned meat doesn't go to waste. That would be heart breaking. ;)

Amarinda Jones said...

Go luck with the sub - I hope you do well

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