Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bloggers' Block

You've heard of "writer's block", right? Who hasn't? It's infamous. Even Shakespeare suffered from it - at least according to "Shakespeare in Love" one of my all-time favorite movies with the very luscious Joseph Fiennes. I'm not suffering from writer's block as far as my novel-writing is going. In fact, I have so many ideas I'm frustrated that I don't have enough time to get everything down on paper fast enough. I can't decide what to write first. No, I'm suffering from blogging block. It's a cousin of writer's block because face it, blogging is also a form of writing unless I start posting wordless pictures which I have seen some blogs do. It's darn tough to come up with a new and interesting blog daily, sometimes two or more daily as I blog on more than one blog. I blog at RomErotica Writers on the 19th of every month and I blog at TEB's blog Hitting The Hot Spot on the 5th of every month. Then of course I blog daily on Happily Ever After, this blog. At least I try to. I've not only heard other writers speak about where and how to get ideas for our books, I've written articles on it. But blogging is different. I try to write a post without fail 365 days a year. I usually pre-blog a week in advance so I won't screw up and miss a day if I'm sick or busy or just plain tired or perhaps on a grueling deadline. In fact, I'm out of blog posts on Happily Ever After so I have to get cracking tonight and write at least a week's worth when I finish this post. Oi! So how will I overcome my blogging block? Usually I visit my normal blogs then hop around the blogosphere to new blogs and take note of interesting discussions. Sometimes I read the current news and comment on that. And if I'm really stumped? I'll post a funny picture or video and comment on it. How do you combat and overcome bloggers' block? And writers' block? If you haven't checked it out already, please check out my new and improved website: Ashley Ladd The book section is still under construction as I learn Word Press and how to upload my images. Also, here's a blurb from my most recent contemporary romance "Heart and Soul" available at Total-E-Bound. Blurb from "Heart and Soul" Mischa Bennett feels she is the luckiest woman alive to be engaged to Steve Krashin, the most wonderful man in the world. That is until he deep-soul kisses Vin in front of her and introduces him as his lover. Reeling, Mischa breaks up with Steve. When pushed, her heart breaking, she admits Steve still owns her heart – but she refuses to give him her soul. Excerpt

The sun melted into the Ohio River, spiking it with reds and oranges, pinks and golds. It was a magical sight, one that made Mischa Bennett sigh with delight.

A few stars already twinkled in the dimming sky, vying with the sun for supremacy. They reminded Mischa of the little cocktail diamonds that sparkled in her new engagement ring, the one her fiancé Steve Krashin had just given her the month before during a similar spectacular sunset.

She loved the river, how it ribboned around the Ohio Valley between the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. She loved how the trees, full of their summer leaves, bowed low and drizzled their limbs in the water. She loved the river towns, the warm summer breezes and the languid weekends when she could make love with Steve all day and all night long.

Time stood still in this world. It was their mystical place and would forever be precious.

Steve trailed his tender fingertips along her brow as he stared down at her. “You’re so very beautiful. You know I can see the sunset in your eyes?”

Giddy, she made a moue of her lips. Not to be outdone, she said, “You look like a god when the sun puts golden sparks in your hair.” She sifted her fingers through his locks delighting in its silkiness. Still hungry, but not for food, she licked her lips. She’d already mussed his curls, hours before, and she liked it with that look. It was a good look on him, the just made love look. She intended him to wear it every day of their lives.

“Are you really going to make me wait until next February to become your husband?”

She rose on her elbow and stared deeply into his incredible eyes, loving the sootiness of his long, dark lashes. She tapped his chin with her finger. “You know I want us to be married on Valentine’s Day. Besides,” she said with a devilish curve to her cheek, “whose making you wait?” She snaked her arm around his neck and drew his head down to hers to savour his lips.

His lips tasted so good, better than chocolate, and she adored chocolate. She was addicted to chocolate so she was absolutely obsessed with her fiancé’s lips. They were firm and soft all at the same time. They sent her into a spiral that made her toes curl and elicited soft moans from her deepest core.

Against her lips, he murmured, “Every day is magical with you. Every day is blessed.”

Carefree, her laughter tinkled above the night sounds. “You, sir, are a charmer.”

Languidly, he caressed her arm. “So long as I’m your Prince Charming.”

Mischief played in her soul, and she loved their easy banter. “And my knight in shining armour.”

“Doesn’t a prince trump a knight?”

“You trump both.” She meant it. “I’m the luckiest woman in the world. I have you.”

“You do.” He claimed her lips again, and his thumbs hooked into her bikini bottoms and pushed them down her quivering thighs. His hand followed as he smoothed his palm over her pussy. Possession humming through his fingers, he cupped it then rubbed her clit until it became a tiny little pearl.

Either a tidal wave had picked up their boat and hurled it towards that magical horizon, or she was quaking with desire. She didn’t care which as long as it never ended.

Returning the favour, she slipped her hand under the elastic waistband of his swim trunks and delved inside. Seeking his heat, she curled her fingers around the base of his cock, gratified that it swelled in her hands. She loved how it throbbed and flexed, how it was velvety soft yet hard all at the same time.

“Ooh, baby. Do that much longer, and the only thing we’ll be wearing is a blanket of stars.”

“Um. Sounds good to me.” It wouldn’t be the first time they’d made love on the boat with just the sky for a covering. If it was up to her, they’d honeymoon on the boat—if the honeymoon wasn’t set to occur in winter when the river would be iced over. Of course, she could do as he suggested and get married earlier…

But it took time to plan a wedding, and even February was pushing it. As it was, her mother was going crazy with all the preparations and everything was booked.

“Someone might see us,” he drawled, his voice husky, his thumb creating a rhythm that drove her crazy.


Unknown said...

Life is normal yet so weird in it's normality that it's easy to write about it.

Got to say - the woman's head on Heart and Soul has been worrying me for the longest time...

Kati said...

Best of luck overcoming your writer's block, Ashley!!!

And, Joseph Fiennes...... *MAJOR DROOL!!!* My favorite movie starring him is "The Very Thought of You". Very cute movie, that one, and he's absolutely lusciously angsty!!! Makes me just want to needle his adorably insecure character then love up on him. *grin* (Dang, need to drag that movie out next weekend for a bit of a drool fest, evidently. I haven't watched it in months.)

Sandra Cox said...

I find it darn difficult to maintain a blog and write everyday.

Love your cover. Hope you're getting mega sales.

Anonymous said...

Hey honey!!! I haven't been popping over so much but I had to let you know how much I appreciate your words last week on my blog. I wish everyone felt the way you do but it's so nice to have kind support.

Debby said...

I owuld find it very hard to maintain a blog. So I wish you much luck

barbara huffert said...

Or you just ramble about not knowing what to say as you just did. There's always something.

Shelley Munro said...

I enjoy blogging but there are times when my mind goes completely blank. It's usally when I'm stressing about edits or have lots of stuff going on in my personal blog. I've decided I'm going to scale back a little next year.

Good luck with your new release.

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