Monday, December 01, 2008

Mahjong, A Writer's Worst Enemy

Burnout. I hate it, but I think I have it.

I’m having trouble writing and editing anything except blog posts. My production has been woeful the past two weeks. It didn’t help that my computer battery finally gasped its last breath. But the new battery finally came and hubby actually put it in right away (he’s a procrastinator, so I give him kudos this time).

So, I have to take the professional’s advice and make myself write. I have to banish Mahjong and Scrabulous and get back to work.

I’m sick of both and yet, they’re addictive. Such time wasters. Oh, they’re okay for a short break, but not for a couple hours a night. I can’t afford that kind of time. Not when Carlton and Sandy, and Vin and Nicole are impatiently tapping their toes at me to finish their stories. I mean, Sandy’s in the middle of having his leg cast while Carlton thinks he deserted him in his hour of need. How dastardly of me to leave them in the lurch. I must be a masochist.

Or am I in a funk because I’ll be 49 tomorrow? My last year in my 40’s… It’s scary. Really scary. (By the time you read this, since I pre-post I’ll already be the big 4-9).

Money’s been tight so I also bought my son’s necessary meds which means I haven’t been able to buy mine yet. I’ll have to squeeze them out this coming pay day and see if I can still afford new shoes. I passed on the Black Friday sales for Xmas shopping. My shoes are falling apart and now that I have feet problems I can’t wear the tons of pretty high heels clogging my closet (guess I should have a yard sale, sell them, and use the proceeds to buy my new pair of sensible shoes – except I usually sit outside all weekend to earn $10.00 – not worth it).

Tonight, my plan is to camp out in Borders and sit in front of my computer until my story sucks me in. At least I’ll reread it and that should get my juices flowing.

Oops! It’s 8:22 am so I have to get inside to work and clock in before I’m late (I’m on Alphie again – I told you we’re having a love affair). Hopefully a day long of fixing problems won’t suck my creativity again, or of being 49.

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Molly Daniels said...

Yay! Another December baby! Happy early birthday, sweetie:)

Hopefully I've kicked my creative burnout out the door. I'll check back later and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!! For me it's Text Twist or Word Whomp. Time killers, both of them. Better luck with writing tomorrow.

Amarinda Jones said...

Why is 39 a big deal? I don't get the whole age thing...have a good day despite your fears....

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