Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can't win

I woke up ill - sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing. So I went to the doctor so I could nip this in the bud. Way too often my colds have turned into bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, and three times, even pneumonia. My boss and I had planned to conduct six employee reviews today, including mine. But the doctor said I was contagious and suggested I don't go back to work. Since half our office has been hacking and sneezing at work this week, I'm pretty sure I could have caught this from them anyway. But I gave my boss the option whether I should come back and he said not, to go home, rest up, and be better for Monday. I had to take one of my last two vacation days until May as the we only have 4 1/2 hours PTO built up this year so far. I'd planned to save those for the RT convention in April. I left too early in the day to use just the PTO. I also could have caught this from my youngest son who has the same symptoms. I also made an appointment for him to see the doctor tonight. I made it before I knew I'd be off the rest of the day. I wish my doctor had evening and weekend hours. Anyway, so I asked hubby to take DS3 to the doctor tonight. He said okay. Now he just called to yell at me that there's a long wait and he can't do something vital that he hadn't told me previously he had to do. When he's sick, he wants me to do everything. Even when he's not sick, he wants me to do everything - unless it involves baseball. My boss expects me to rest and come back well or at least somewhat better Monday. The hubby only seems to care that I'm inconveniencing him. I'm sooooooooo mad and sooooooooooo frustrated. I can't win.


Molly Daniels said...

Oh sweetie...get well! Mine turns into a PITA too when I'm down for a day. My son said to me, 'Mom, how come when Dad gets sick, he's helpless, but when YOU get sick, you still manage to get some things done?'

Wise child at age 17! Unfortunately, my daughter takes after her dad and stays in bed all day, wanting to be pampered. Depending on my mood, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't!

Sandra Cox said...

So sorry. You deserve lots of TLC.

Bronwyn Green said...

I'm so sorry you feel like crap and that the hubby is being a butthead. :(

Do you have any health food stores nearby? If so, see if they have Gypsy Cold Care tea it's made by Traditional Medicinals and it's the best stuff ever. And most health food stores carry it. You and your son should both drink it. If hubby gets sick, tell him to get his own dang tea!

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