Friday, February 06, 2009

Another Get Rich Quick Scheme

I just received this email. I'm sure a million people received the same spam. I sure hope a million people recognize it as spam and steer clear. I HATE these types of things. Here's a snippet of the "offer" that's supposed to turn my life around. I guess that's how direct marketing and MLM's both work. Still, this really annoys me. "Ashley, I want to be sure that you understand everything about us and have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. The business model that we are

talking about may be the best out there on the Internet but do not
misunderstand, we are not offering you a handout. We are not offering you
something for nothing. Above all, we are not going to do your business for you
but we will support you through your business to create the Business Success
that you and I and everyone else is seeking Online.

The core of this Business model is a Training Program that has a one-time cost.
(There is a monthly cost after this but this cost and EVERY OTHER COSTS COMES
OUT OF PROFIT!) When you were in school, did you ever take a final exam for a
class on the first day of that class? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well,
Elaine, this is no different than what occurs on the Internet Every Single Day.
Prospects join businesses one day and the next day they are given a Final Exam.
I have known people that joined businesses then disappear from their sponsors."

Never in this entire email does the sender state what this marvelous opportunity is. It's all so nebulous. So much crap.

Oh well. It's just another day on the Internet. Another slap of the delete button.

Here goes...

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Brynn Paulin said...

I get an email every day from this guy who "has found me a new job!!!"

Tempting some days ;)

Bronwyn Green said...

Lately, I'm being offered Russian brides...go fig.

Unknown said...

I like the email that says - 'ring my immeditely on whatever number' -I like to email back - 'no, bugger off - you ring me for a change' - they never reply...not sure why

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