Friday, April 10, 2009

Failure - I want to scream!

In the past couple days I ran into two blogs that are asking for book trailers to promote. Of course, with new books coming out soon (the next is two weeks away on April 22nd) and I also have a large back list, I'm extremely interested and grateful. I made three book trailers a few months ago which are posted at You Tube (search by my name: "Ashley Ladd" to find them easily). I sent those three to both sites. However, my primary concern right now is to promote my soon to be released books: Truth, Justice, And The Vampire Way and Charity's Auction in the Caught in the Middle anthology. So, I tried to make a trailer earlier this evening for TJVW. Unfortunately, the damned Movie Maker program I was using kept closing. I even tried to start over from scratch. I stopped using a picture that seemed to trigger the shut down. I tried everything I could think of, but no go. I finally gave up - for tonight. As it was, I didn't get home from the day job until 7:00 pm. Last night I didn't get home till 9:30 - so I'm beat. See the pic today? That's what I feel like. If I have time and energy tomorrow night, I'll use the downstairs computer to see if that works. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong, or maybe I'm not doing anything wrong. I don't think it's my night. There's only one chocolate carrot left in the basket my friend gave to ME. There were five and I've not had any. I gave DS3 permission to eat ONE. Um... I have lots of critiquing to do that I'm late on and I feel bad, but I hope my critique partners will forgive me. I have to get some rest. I will try to leave work (day job work) on time tomorrow so I have time and energy left for my writing. You'll also want to see what Amarinda Jones, Anika Hamilton, Anny Cook, Barbara Huffert, Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green, Dakota Rebel, Kelly Kirch, Molly Daniels, Sandra Cox, Regina Carlysle, and Cindy Spencer Pape are up to, so make sure to visit them also. :)


Sandra Cox said...

Good Friday, Ash. May your basket be filled with much chocolate. Let me know how you do with the trailer would you. I've never tried one and am intrigued.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I tried the movie maker this morning and it shut down as soon as I opened the TJVW movie I started making.

Regina Carlysle said...

Sounds like you're waaaay overextended, Ash. BREATHE. Hope you figure out the problem with the trailer stuff. I've never tried to do one.

Unknown said...

Do you think that you are over stretching yourself somewhat? No? Well I do.Failure is not a word I associate with you and that you are even saying it makes me think you need to take a breather and settle petal.

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