Friday, May 22, 2009

Mom and Grandma

I just joined a new group - Twittermoms.

I found it, of course, on Twitter.

I joined because I'm a mom of teenagers. Sometimes I just have to talk to other moms, just like I have to talk to my fellow writers and other ladies my age. Speaking of a few months I'll be eligible to join the Red Hat Society. But I'll save that for another time.

But I'm also a grandma. I wonder if there are others like me here?

My oldest child is 28. My youngest is 14. The three inbetween are 27, 25, and 18. Since the 18 year old graduates high school this month, I officially only have one "child" left in my house. However, all but my oldest child still lives at home. I wonder how many other moms here have adult children living at home? With this economy, I imagine I'm not alone in this.

It's not always easy to parent adult children. Or maybe I shouldn't be trying. Maybe I should just be a roommate or landlord to the 27 and 25 year old who are still under my roof.

Sometimes it's also difficult to be a good grandma and a good mom. Since I work full time, write parttime, and I'm a softball mom, it's also difficult to find time to visit my grandchildren as much as I'd like. It's a balancing act. I suppose we all have one in some way.

But I'm lucky. All my children live nearby. My grandchildren live in the same town. My dad lives several states away but I can't have everything, right?

I'm looking forward to making new friends there and connecting with other moms and other moms who are also grandmoms.


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Unknown said...

You are a joining fiend...and you look too young to be a grandma

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