Tuesday, June 09, 2009


My office doesn’t have cubicles so it doesn’t look like this. However, if we did have cubicles, I’m sure it would. Everybody has to be in everybody else’s business. I’m in the only department in our company that does not have cubicles or separate offices. Although it would be beneficial to cut down on gossip, noise, and distraction, it would also hamper our ability to work together. However, there is often so much noise and gossip that we may have to erect cubicles. Like this picture, however, I fear cubicles would not help. My co-workers would be peering over the tops and around the sides. I don’t know if that’s our nature or that of most people. I try to keep the noise level down and to keep people focused on their jobs, at least within reason. I feel like a traffic cop. Today I was an effectual traffic cop. One of my employees did not take the hint. I asked her if she still had work to do and if she needed more. She told me she still has plenty of work and then she continued chit chatting. Other times I’ve stood over her and planted my fists on my hips and she still continues to gossip. She’s not new to the work world. She’s older than me and I have grown children. My other employees take hints well. Why not this one?
I fear, however, that should I turn my back, they will look just like these prairie dogs, only not as cute and furry.


Unknown said...

We have cubicles and it's very good for hiding things - and gossip and chit chat? Love it...what else is work for?

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Miss Jones, my boss doesn't see it the same way and he's blaming moi here that they are chatting too much. I chat, too, but I do it silently, through email. :) I also socialize during lunch even though some days I'd rather write.

Unknown said...

RR - I'm not sure how you want me to address you yet. :)

I have two employees, one in particular, that think I'm there to gossip with them. Maybe if I saddle them with a LOT more work they'll finally get the hint???

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