Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fill-ins Edition 143

1. One week ago I was upset with a friend but now everything's okay with us and so I feel much better. 2. I rode horses, water-skiied, danced at the Disco all the time, and read Harlequin romances all the time when I was young. 3. Mama told me High-School would be my best years and that boyfriends took priority over girlfriends. I love my mom but I don't think that was the right advice, especially not the second part. 4. Forever you and me. 5. Take your time. It takes longer to do something over than to do it right the first time. 6. Today's troubles will pass! When God closes a door he opens a window. 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching the season premiers of Smallville and Ghost Hunter then working on my edit, tomorrow my plans include finishing my pre-edit and hopefully also my latest short story, and Sunday, I want to add a lot more words and possibly finish the first draft of my novel in progress - while at my daughter's softball tournament all day! Yipee! It's Rising Starz again. (No, I'm really not being sarcastic - I like it, I love watching the girls, I hope my daughter gets a scholarship to play ball out of his, but sitting outside in the sweltering Florida heat ALL DAY on a Sunday is draining - just the idea is already draining me.) Have a great weekend. I'll prepost here for the weekend - Snippet Saturday tomorrow and a scintillating post for Sunday about the writing life. Also, if you didn't catch my short story "A Hard Time" at the Long and Short Reviews, it's still up. So please hop over to the L&S Reviews for my free short story for you. Other writing, reading, and promo related posts by Ashley you may enjoy: Snippet Saturday: Kick Ass Heroes and Heroines Nudists on Strike Kudos to Harlequin Kenzie Michaels Guest Interview Twitter Works Do You Really Want To Post That?

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Love your fill-ins. Have a great weekend :)
ps sent you an email on adding a link.

BurtonReview said...

Glad someone sent you an email for hte plea for help on how to add a link. It is so much easier to navigate when someone adds a link, otherwise we sift through all the blog that the blogger profile shows for that person and that is no fun!

Anyway, I loved your fill-in.. that is a lot of stuff going on for one little weekend, I wish you luck!
I do my fill-in's differently, you should check it out at The Burton Review. I'd love for you to stop by and take a guess at it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the help! I love to learn better ways to do things.

I usually try to fill a lot into my weekends as I work Mon - Fri then have my daughter's softball almost every evening. But sometimes I get totally drained.

Unknown said...

Testing how to make a link in email.

Free Short Story: A Hard Time

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