Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's The Dog's Fault

My new toy...& hopefully my weightloss salvation. on Twitpic

I finally followed my doctor's advice and bought the mini trampoline. I need to lose some serious weight and get back in shape.

I've been down this path before so I should know better. I lost 95 pounds several years ago - then gained a lot of it back. Idiotic, I know.

When I lost so much weight, I let my writing career slide to focus on my health and weightloss. I looked and felt great except I barely produced any books. Once I finished exercising a couple hours a day after I got home from the day job, I was too tired to do anything else and fell into bed.

Then I got back into writing. I started blogging - not just writing my own blog posts but visiting other blogs. Those hours I used to spend walking, swimming and biking went into writing and promoting. I've written several more books since then.

Somehow I need to find a happy medium. I need to get healthy again, lose weight and not let my writing career go down the drain, either. It sounds a lot easier than I'm finding it. Of course, I relied a lot on exercise and not enough on diet before. A full lifestyle change is called for.

I give myself excuses - stress from my new position at work, stress from the kids, my writing, my daughter's constant softball, my legs hurt... Sure, those things make it harder but I did it before. I didn't give myself excuses before.

I'm tired of excuses. I'm tired of how I look in photos.

I should be in that picture with the trampoline, but I'm embarrassed to show myself. It's one of my goals to post pictures of myself on a successful fitness journey and not be embarrassed.

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Sandra Cox said...

Its tough. Write, day job, family, fitness. Its not easy. Good luck with this. I walk at lunch.

Unknown said...

Don't be so tough on yourself. It's not easy. You have a lot of other things going on in your life. Take baby steps - you can do it! :)

Linda Kage said...

I think that must be a problem for everyone. You just begin to perfect one part of your life and suddenly realize everything else is falling behind.

The saying "A jact of all trades is a master to none" must have some kind of meaning to it.

The Redhead Riter said...

I hate exercising! I can't believe you lost 95 lbs! Such a great accomplishment! Post your weight loss in the side bar and as you lose we can all cheer you on ☺

Go Ashley! Go Ashley!

Can you hear us chanting your name? ♥

Eileen Astels Watson said...

It's all about finding balance, I know, I'm there now too. My treadmill laptop table is awesome, but I need to use it more!

Molly Daniels said...

I was doing great back in March, but stopped in order to let an arthritis flare-up heal. And then it was hard to get motivated again. I need to start walking again too.

Regina Carlysle said...

It's so hard to find that perfect BALANCE. I deal with this too! I'd love to pull off some weight but it's hard when your ass is planted in your chair.

Unknown said...

I jumped on that trampoline last night for about 15 minutes. Today my doctor told me I have a sprained knee. oops! Guess I started exercising too early. But soon as the knee is better or if my physical therapist says I can do the trampoline after I meet with them next week (next Tuesday will be my first visit) then I'll get back on it then.

The Bumbles said...

Oh I know how you feel - did you ever see my post about my journey on Lifesnips? Check it out if you have time:

Diet with the exercise makes you more efficient - you'll have more energy for the other parts of your life and not require as much exercise to see results.

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