Friday, October 23, 2009

Snippet Saturday: Emotional Excerpts

My husband is trying to have AT&T U-Verse installed. So far, 
after four days, our Internet service has been down most of the 
time. Thus, I've missed you for the past few days and I'm sure
I've also missed important emails. If you've sent anything to
me and I haven't responded, please keep trying.  
Also please excuse the formatting. I'm having trouble straightening 
it out tonight and have little time to do it. But I can't let 
down the group. 
This is an emotional excerpt from my Christmas m/f erotic romance 
"Christmas Miracles".
Christmas Miracles is available at: Total-E-Bound 

Tiffany gasped for air and then frantically felt around her body taking inventory of all the parts when she came to in a dim, chilly room. Squinting, she felt out of place. She had no idea where she was and she was thoroughly discombobulated.
She looked around and found the ghost less than a foot behind her. Startled, she let out a little yelp. Then anger set in and she glowered at the phantom. “Okay, you, take me home this instant. I don’t like being hijacked. What do you think you are? The Ghost of Christmas?”
The apparition emphatically nodded and then pointed deep into the room.
“Yeah. Right. And I’m the Pillsbury Doughboy.” She rolled her eyes.
The ghost floated deeper into the room and pulled her with him. How, she had no clue, but she seemed to be caught in a tractor beam.
At first, the room didn’t look familiar, but then her memory was tickled. Suddenly her memory flooded back and she regressed fifteen years into her past.
Off kilter, her breath ragged, her pulse skittering in her wrist, she inventoried Dax’s apartment, the one she’d thought to share with him one day, the one she’d practically moved in, if not officially.
Still in disbelief, still frightened, she ran toward the two people in the room, doubles of herself and Dax. “Help! I’ve been kidnapped. Call the police.”
But the other people didn’t flinch. They acted as if she wasn’t there.
Frustrated, about to scream, she grabbed Dax’s arm to shake it, to make him notice her.
Unfortunately, her fingers went through him. She didn’t feel a thing.
Frightened out of her mind, she jerked back and on her ass went sprawling back several feet. She landed at the Christmas creature’s feet.
She looked up at the spectre and accused, “You’re the Ghost of Christmas Past?”
The creature nodded.
She still didn’t believe it and pinched herself, digging her nails into her flesh. It stung and she jerked back. “Ouch!”
The ghost forcefully pointed at the scene unfurling a few feet away.
Compelled, she watched as Dax took her in his arms and kissed her as if he couldn’t get enough. “I don’t know what I’d ever do without you, baby. You’re part of me.”
With a dreamy smile her other self melted against Dax and looped her arms around his neck. She rubbed her nose against his. “Why do you say that? Aren’t we going to be together forever?”
Tiffany snorted and her heart threatened to break all over. She knew what was awaiting her hapless former self and she moaned. “Get out now while the getting’s good,” she warned under her breath, willing herself to flee.
But her younger self didn’t budge. In fact, her younger self burrowed deeper into her lover’s arms, naïve and setting herself up for heart break.
Her gut roiling, she turned away, unable to live through this twice.
Jaci Burton
Eliza Gayle
Michelle Pillow
Mandy Roth
Juliana Stone
Lacey Savage
 McKenna Jeffries
Moira Rogers 
Taige Crenshaw
Vivian Arend
 Sasha White
Ashley Ladd
Victoria Janssen
Shelli Stevens
Shelley Munro
TJ Michaels
Lauren Dane
Beth Kery
Leah Braemel 
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