Saturday, March 06, 2010

Is your family jealous of your writing?

Today, my younger daughter got angry at me for writing, for not spending quality time with her.

She's upset with me for spending too much time writing and writing related activities. She's tired of me spending time on the computer and talking about books and my writing.

I'm stressed. I need to spend quality time with my family. I also need to finish a cover art request form, a revision, and interviews. Plus we depend on the extra income I earn from writing so I need to spend some time writing.

My husband just bought "2012" and popped it into the TV for a riveting Saturday night. The main character of the movie, John Cusak who plays Jackson Curtis, is separated from his wife and family. Why? Because they were tired of him ignoring them while he wrote his book.

I asked my daughter what she wanted to do and she couldn't give me an answer. All she can voice is that she wants my attention away from the computer and books.

Does your family express similar feelings?

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Unknown said...

I haven't experienced that yet. My youngest is 12 and she doesn't want anything to do with spending time with me. LOL
My ex-husband used to accuse me of loving my writing more than I loved my family. That was only half true. I loved it more than I loved him! ;)
It's a hard line to draw, for me anyway. Sometimes I forget to stop focusing on writing and spend time with the family. Good Luck. My heart goes out to you on this one.

Unknown said...

I thought I spent a lot of time and quality time with her. She goes with me everywhere. She's practically glued to my side. My other children don't think it's as cool to hang out with mom, but this one wants all my attention all the time - and she's 19.

I love to be with her. I really do. However, I have to make sure I support her and the others. She's always been the one that can't entertain herself and needs to be constantly doing something with someone else. Now that she's too old to be on travel softball or school softball, she's at a loss. I can't wait 'til she starts college and maybe also finds a job so she finds focus. Of course, then I'll miss her company. Guess I can't be pleased, either.

Molly Daniels said...

I hear it from the SU. But when we go do errands, we ARE spending time together. At home, his idea of quality time with me is watching his TV programs or sitting at the table, talking about nothing in particular. And since he's home in the winter time, I've tried to accomodate him by posting at night or restricting my hours. But this year, he was home all but 12 weeks and I grew tired of not having 'set' hours. Hopefully this year will be different, now that we have wifi for the laptop:)

Unknown said...

I try to save most of my writing time for when the kids are at school or in bed. BUT, I also spend some time on the weekend working on my manuscript or my assignments for my creative writing class. I've only heard once from my 8 yr old son that I am "always" on the computer. Funny that my kids don't say, "Dad is ALWAYS at work." I think because I am home, they don't see my work as being actual work.

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