Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plane Tickets

What is usually my smaller royalty check anymore (because the books have been out a long time) earned enough that I can buy my plane ticket for Cincinnati.

This has made all my long hours and hard work worthwhile.

Cincinnati is home. It's my Mecca.

Next week I need to fly home for my aunt's memorial service. In June I'm signed up for Lori Foster's Readers' and Writers' Get Together in Cincinnati so I hope to attend that, too. And in July, I'd like to go for a family reunion.

Without this, my parttime job, I might not be able to go once. Because of my writing, I can go at least once this year and hopefully more.

Although my writing helps my family a lot, my primary reason to write is because I love weaving stories. Still, this is a very nice benefit.

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Unknown said...

What great news. I'm glad you'll get to go home. I know what it feels like to be far away and missing family.

I signed up for RomantiCon yesterday thanks to my royalty check. Now I have to pay for the rest - plane, hotel, etc! lol

Molly Daniels said...

I'm still hoping to go to Lori's...just hoping the SU gets back on his feet and back to work before the registration deadline! Can I go last minute, without registering???

Sandra Cox said...

Sorry about your aunt, Ash.
Glad you're getting to go home.

Linda Kage said...

Hope you have a great time.

The Bumbles said...

Flying home for more somber purposes is a lot better when the finances are there to support the need. I'm glad your writing has the bonus of making a profit! All good writers write for themselves - I'm happy to hear you keep that in focus.

Unknown said...

Thank you everybody. My cousin just emailed and said she'd call me tonight with arrangements. I'm going to stay an extra day to see her piano concert. She's a beautiful pianist.

Unknown said...

Molly - I think you can sign up last minute for Lori's. It's $50 this year. Compared to the others, that's very low.

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