Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Snippets: The Black Moment

Romances always have a black moment, that point in the story where everything has been going well and then suddenly everything goes to hell instead. This week's theme are the black moments.

Below is the black moment from my February 2010 romance, "Naked Ambition".

Ali James will do anything to raise her orphaned sister and finish medical school, even work as an exotic waitress.

Ali James is determined to finish medical school and cure cancers like the one that killed her mother. She's also determined to raise her trouble-making teenage sister. As if it's not hard enough to juggle all this and her job as an exotic waitress, her ex-fiancé comes back to town and makes it plain he's still sore she chose her career over him and that he very much disapproves her of job.

Excerpt: "Naked Ambition"

Cliff rolled onto his side and put his hand between her legs. He caressed her pussy and massaged her clit. “It’s incredible when we’re together.”

She moaned again and moved her pussy in rhythm to his hand. She wondered how his stamina was, if he was ready to get on top.

“Marry me. Quit the club.”

Her heart stopped, and then raced into overdrive. Her lungs almost burst. “Yes!”

“And school. Let’s start a family.” Before she could react, he rubbed her belly. “Maybe we just did.”

She gasped and looked down at his hand sitting proprietarily on her belly. In her tipsy state she’d forgotten to use protection. She wasn’t on the pill, as she’d been celibate so long.

Damn him! Damn her!

As if he’d stabbed her in the heart, she yanked back and leapt off the bed. She towered over him and stood at parade rest. “I’m not quitting school.”

“At least slow down. I didn’t mean to quit forever, but you’ve exhausted yourself. You need a break.”

Did she look that terrible? Or was he assuming because of her failure with Amy? If Ali quit now, she was afraid she’d never go back. “I can’t just quit. And I can’t ’slow down.’ It’s too late in the semester. I’d get F’s. I only have two years left. I’m on a roll.”

He sat up and looked at her as if she had morphed into an alien. “What’s so wrong with taking a break? You know, for a honeymoon? To have a baby? To spend time with your new husband? To focus on raising your sister? In two years, she’ll be grown and you’ll be free.”

She seethed and wanted to slap herself for putting herself in this position. She wouldn’t be free if she had a baby dependent on her. “So you do think I’m a bad parent!”

She stormed to the door, intent on escape. But she had to say one more thing: “Why would you want me, worst mother of the year, to be the mother of your precious children?

Well, I’ll save you the trouble. No, I won’t marry you. Not now. Not ever.”

"Naked Ambition" is available at Total-E-Bound

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