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You’ve arrived at exactly the right time to explore lots of new blogs, all of which, ARE GIVING AWAY A VERY SPECIAL BLOGMANIA GIVEAWAY (For One Day Only, TODAY – April 30th) .

We’ve done all the work for you. No hunting or surfing. Each blog will have a number and each new blog link will have a number. These numbers will allow you to keep track of which blogs you’ve visited and how many are left to visit. Why not take a moment to make a list of blog numbers 1-122 and check off the blogs as you go.

I know you’ll want to visit as many blogs today as you can. So, if you see something that interests you on any of our participating blogs, why not bookmark that site. Later, when you have more time, you can discover all its fabulous treasures.



PRIZE #1) A free pdf copy of my recently released erotic romance "Bad Conduct" and it's prequel "The Perfect Gift". Leave me a comment on today's blog post to be entered.

PRIZE #2) A $20.00 (twenty dollars US) gift card for

To win you must follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know you did so. If you're already a follower, let me know and you're also eligible. Or follow me on Twitter at and tell me in the comments to be entered also. Be sure to leave me a way to contact you.

Please also visit the rest of the blogs in today's event. They will lead you to the other blogs.

(Blog- 1) – HOST OF BLOGMANIA) Between The Pages -

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(Blog-28) A Novel Source -

* Also be sure to check out Wendi Zwaduk's interview on my blog today also.

REMEMBER ~ to be entered to win my prize set of "Bad Conduct" and "The Perfect Gift" in pdf format, leave a comment for me on this post. To make me really happy and collect a second entry for my prizes today, follow me on this blog. If you're already a blog follower, make sure to tell me in your comment and you'll get a second entry.

The Perfect Gift
Bianca's on the search to find the perfect gift for her boyfriend Ty this Christmas. But then she discovers a hidden stash of gay male porn under his side of the bed. Stunned, and scared, she needs to find out if Ty's more interested in men than in her.The Perfect Gift is available at Total-E-Bound

She arranges an illicit night for Ty with her handsome gay co-worker Brendan.

To her astonishment and delight, the night turns into a ménage-à-trois, and all three lovers end up benefiting from this special gift.

Excerpt ~ The Perfect Gift:

Whistling, a merry bounce to his step, Ty ducked snowflakes and the neighbour kids’ snowballs as he made a dash to the house after some last minute Christmas shopping. He loved Christmas and this year was the most special yet for it was his first living with Bianca. She’d made their apartment into a cosy home, brimming with Christmas magic, overflowing with love. He didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve her, but he sure was grateful. He counted his blessings daily.

He was excited about his special gift for her—a diamond ring and first class tickets for Bianca’s dream trip—their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Now she’d not only go to paradise, but honeymoon there—with him.

Shaking with the excitement, he couldn’t wait to see her expression. The scent of candy canes blended with a trace of wax told him she was burning more Christmas candles. Blinking lights glistened off every reflective surface.

Juggling packages that towered over his head, Ty managed to navigate to the twinkling tree in the corner of the living room and set down his presents without breaking anything. Picking out the ring, he put it in his pocket. He wanted to keep it close.

The scent of roasted turkey filled the small apartment with homey, delicious smells. Looking first right and then left to make sure Bianca wouldn’t catch him in the act, he peeked under the foil covering as the turkey sat on top of the stove, done and ready to be enjoyed. His mouth watering, he stole a bite.

Everything seemed to be in place, except his lady. She wouldn’t leave with supper ready on the stove, would she? “Bianca? Are you home? Where are you, sweetheart?”

Only the whir of the heater broke the silence. Worried she’d fallen asleep in the tub again, he checked the bathroom. Luckily, he found it empty, and he breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“Okay, are you waiting for me in the bedroom?” With a very special Christmas gift? Maybe she awaited him naked, wearing only a large bow around her waist like last year. His cock flexed and his blood surged. Excited as a little boy getting a shiny new bike, he rubbed his hands together and opened the door wide.

There was a naked body curled sexily on a brand new red and green satin bedspread, wrapped in a big red velvet bow only it wasn’t Bianca. It wasn’t even female!


“Merry Christmas,” Brendan, the hottie from Bianca’s office, drawled huskily.

Brendan laughed throatily and rolled his eyes. “No silly. I’m her Christmas gift to you.” He pointed at the bow, just above his huge cock that was swiftly showing signs of life. “Don’t you see the bow?”

Dumbfounded, Ty’s gaze glued to the man’s beautiful cock, and his mouth went dry. “You’re my Christmas gift from Bianca?” he echoed. A million thoughts crashed into one another. Had he said or done something to make her suspect his sexuality, his feelings? Had she found his stash of male porn? Was this her way of saying goodbye? Was she going out of his life in style? Just what in the hell was going on?

He felt so guilty he couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t bear to lose her. Barely able to breathe, he whispered, “Why?” in a ragged voice.

Brendan rose and sashayed over to him. “She loves you, man, so much she’s giving you this incredible choice. She wants you to be happy. She’s quite a woman. If I ever decide to get married, I want one just like her.”

Ty didn’t like the sound of that, as if Brendan had designs on his woman. And yet, he understood where the guy was coming from. Shoving his hair behind his ears, he squinted at his so-called present. Feeling like two souls warring in one body, he wanted to deck the guy for getting near his woman, while he also wanted to throw out his inhibitions and ravish and be ravished by him.

Bad Conduct ~ Sequel to The Perfect Gift

When Captain Ty Gibson comes home from a tour of duty in Iraq to marry Bianca, their sometimes third lover Brendan stirs up a mess of trouble.

Captain Ty Gibson has made up his mind. He loves Bianca and he's going to marry her. But when he comes home from his tour of duty in Iraq, their sometimes third lover Brendan fights for Ty. Although Bianca once enjoyed their occasional ménages, she's ready to settle down with just one man and wants that one man to settle down with just her.

Brendan's troublemaking jeopardises everything in Ty's life – his future with Bianca and his military career.
Excerpt ~ Bad Conduct:

Captain Tyler Gibson shivered from anticipation. Or was it a first class case of nerves?

Before turning on his webcam, he double-checked that his door was locked and his curtains tightly shut. Although no one should barge in on a captain’s private quarters, one never knew, and he couldn’t afford to be caught.

“You should stop this madness before you get busted, idiot,” he murmured under his breath.

Yet, the book lured and cajoled him to practice its magic. Of all times to read the Kama Sutra, on a lonely deployment to Iraq probably wasn’t the best. He ached to touch his lover, Bianca, and to be touched by her.

He couldn’t wait to go stateside, to make Bianca his bride. He should have done it before shipping out to Iraq. If not for her concerns about their sometimes third lover, Brendan, he would have.

The book laid propped open where he could refer to it. The rest of the room was neat, ready for inspection. Hospital corners made the blanket taut on his bed. It wouldn’t stay that way once he began pleasuring himself, pretending it was Bianca’s hands caressing him.

An instant message signal beeped on the computer, and his heart raced. His gaze bounced to the double monitor sprouting from the steel desk.

His pulse hammered in his throat. His hands grew clammy so he wiped them down his side. His cock thrummed.

Bianca… His love.

He moved to open it, squinted at the screen name and his heart stopped. It was Brendan.

Chills raced down his spine, and he broke into a cold sweat. He needed to go cold turkey on the man and had tried to do so, but Brendan kept IMing and emailing.

To Tyler’s shame he was still turned on by the guy. He didn’t have the same type of feelings for Brendan as he did for Bianca, but he still got a hard-on thinking of the man’s hot bod. Why had Bianca given Brendan to him as a Christmas gift, wrapped in a huge red bow and nothing else?

His breath burned in his throat, and his nostrils flared. He stared at the invitation and his body burned.

God, but he was in hell.

His gut clenched, his nerves on the razor’s edge.

Bianca was due at any moment, and if she got the slightest inkling he was having sex, even cyber sex, with Brendan, he feared what she would do.

If he answered Brendan’s summons, could he get him off in time? If he didn’t answer, Brendan would keep pinging him. Surely, Bianca would hear. Even if she didn’t, he would know.

The monitor glowed like a fiend, as deadly as an armed enemy soldier. After inhaling deeply, he lowered himself to the computer chair and typed, “I can’t talk. I have an important online meeting.

The message came on that Brendan was typing. Then words flashed on the screen. “With who?”


He was against lying but typed anyway, “My commander. I’ll email you later.”

“Surely you can squeeze in a quickie.” Then a nude live shot of Brendan popped onto Ty’s screen.

Ty’s breath grew shallow and his fingers itched as Brendan stroked his hard, shiny cock and gazed through the screen with a come hither look.

A scream strangled in Ty’s throat and he wanted to throttle and fuck the guy all at the same time. Brendan could be such a bitch.

Bad Conduct is available from Total-E-Bound


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