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Saturday Snippet: Playlist (Music)

Today's Saturday Snippet features playlists (music).

Like me, Jackie, the heroine of "So You Want To Marry Our Mom", is an erotic romance writer. Like me she's also mother of several children.

We also like the same music. I have her playlist on good authority. She's suggested several songs to me that I've fallen in love with.

Here's some of her playlist. The excerpt of her story is below the playlist.


Daughtry (anything and everything, but in particular "It's Not Over", "Over You", and "Used To")
David Cook ("Come Back To Me", "Lights On", "Always Be My Baby", "Hello")
Adam Lambert ("Whatya Want From Me", "If I Had You", "Pick U Up", "Strut")
Eagles ("Hotel California", "Desperation", "Heartache Tonight", "Take It To The Limits")
Bee Gees ("Nights on Broadway", "More Than A Woman", "How Deep Is Your Love")
Carrie Underwood ("Before He Cheats", "Cowboy Casanova")
Lady Gaga ("Poker Face")
Miley Cyrus ("Ice Cream Freeze", "Hoedown Throwdown", "The Climb", "Butterfly Fly Away")
Peaches & Herb ("Reunited")
Barry Manilowe ("This One's For You", "Somewhere in the Night", "I Can't Smile Without You")
Rod Stewart ("Tonight's The Night")
Neil Diamond ("Forever in Blue Jeans")
Taylor Swift ("You Belong To Me")
Kellie Pickler ("Best Days Of Your Life")
Beach Boys ("Hushabye", "Don't Worry Baby", "Fun Fun Fun", "Barbara Ann", "I Get Around", "Surfin USA", "Kokomo")
Constantine ("So Long")
Bo Bice ("Nothing Without You", "You Make Me Better", "You're Everything To Me")
What About Love
And lots of moldie oldies (Zager & Evans ("In the Year 2525"), Blue Moon, Earth Angel, Since I Don't Have You, I'm A Believer, Cara Mia Mi, Dawn, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (I Can't Help Myself), Sugar Sugar, I Will Survive, If I Don't Have You, Eclipse of the Heart, Three Times A Lady)

I'm sure I've fogotten a few of Jackie's favorite songs. She also likes Elvis and the Beatles a lot.

What are your favorite songs to listen to when you write? Anytime?

So You Want To Marry Our Mom
by Elaine Hopper
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-709-0 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-778-6 (Paperback)

Blurb:When erotic romance writer Jackie Duarte’s kids nominate her to be a television bachelorette on Perfect Mate and help to pick her next husband and their new father, her life becomes crazier than it’s already been. Now the whole world will meet her bratty ADHD/ODD twelve-year-old, perhaps learn of the penname she has fought so long to keep under wraps, and see her house on television...and she’s no Martha Stewart.

Worse yet, the ghost of her husband has long been talking off her ear but now he’s also giving her dating advice, telling her how to flirt and whom to marry. She has to be extra careful not to speak to him aloud while the cameras are rolling or risk being put into a straightjacket.

But worst of all, Doug Applebaum, her best friend and the younger man she had wanted to marry but gave up on, finally decides he loves her, after she’s legally committed to wed one of the bachelors on her show. What can Jackie do now? Go back on her committment to the show, ignore the advice of her children and her deceased husband, or follow her heart straight into Doug’s waiting arms?

Genres: Romance / Contemporary Romance / Paranormal Romance
Length: 95k words (TBD paperback pages)

Excerpt: (dfferent than last week's)
When Joey introduced Jeff the cameras zoomed in on the new man. “Meet Jeff Elliott, Jackie’s high school sweetheart, the man she almost married, and the man who never got over her.”

Jeff closed the gap between them and enveloped her in a giant, crushing bear hug. He whirled her about and kissed her senseless. Finally, when she couldn’t breathe, her head spinning, he set her on unsteady feet.

“Hi,” she whispered, not sure what to think. They’d broken up so long ago it was hard to remember why. But it’d had something to do with Debbie Dean and a flash of renewed anger washed over her.

::He was never good enough for you. I was so much better.::

::What happened to forgive and forget?::

::You can forgive him then forget him. Problem solved.::

She swallowed a sigh. There was no speaking to Vance. ::You’re impossible. I’m here to give them all a chance.::

Joey interrupted the chaos in her mind. “And meet Doug Applebaum, Jackie’s best friend now and since her husband died. He’s her rock, her mainstay, and the man who’s secretly, madly in love with her.”

A cacophony of emotions collided and exploded inside her. Tingles shot down her spine and her knees buckled. Her ears rang with a dizziness she couldn’t quell. Joy warred with fury and doubts. She clutched at the railing. When Doug moved as if to hug her, her eyes widened and she took a step back away from him. “Is this true?”

::Whoa! You didn’t tell me this was a soap opera.::

::Butt out.::

Doug nodded, his eyes darkening with an intensity that threatened her sanity. “Yes. I thought I’d have time to court you and make you fall in love with me. Then you went on this damned show.”

“Keep it PG, guys.” Joey shook his finger in Doug’s face. “This is a family show.”

Pulling Doug to the bow, she lowered her voice. It didn’t help her mood when the cameras dogged them. “Why didn’t you tell me? You’ve hardly come around in months. You never call anymore. How was I supposed to have an inkling you love me?”

Doug hung his head. Before he could take his next breath, the sea breeze whipped up, blowing his hair across his face. He reached up and tucked it behind his ears. “I didn’t want to push you. I thought you needed more time.”

Incredulous, she wanted to throw up her hands. “More time to be lonely? To miss you? To…”

Amazement and hope flashed across his eyes. “You missed me?”

::You missed him?:: Vance echoed. ::I should have known. It’s always the best friend.::

Feeling like a scratched CD, she repeated, ::Butt out.::

Remembering how abandoned she’d felt, she nodded and veiled her eyes. She felt as dark and deserted as the sea looked tonight. “Oh yeah. And very unloved, unwanted, and lonely.”

She turned her accusing gaze back to him. “I want—no, make that need—a man who will be there for me. A man who will romance me, spend time with me, and cherish me and my kids.” She dragged in a ragged sigh. “I don’t need another cold relationship and especially not another dead marriage.”

“I’ll be there for you and the kids. I swear it.” Doug took her hands in his, his gaze imploring and hopeful.

Sparks zapped her and she snatched back her hands and hid them behind her. Physical electricity wouldn’t be enough this time around. “Words won’t do. You’ll have to prove yourself.” On a choked sob, she ran past him and almost knocked over the cameraman. “If you can...”

So You Want To Marry Our Mom is available at Amber Quill Press

Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Vivian Arend
Emma Petersen
Shelley Munro
Eliza Gayle
Ashley Ladd
Lauren Dane

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There's quite a few on that list I enjoy listening to. Daughtry, David Cook and Adam Lambert, to name a few. It's funny I've never followed American Idol, but I enjoy the music that's been a result of the show. ;)

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