Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Snippets: Foodies

Today's Saturday Snippets features foodies.

My upcoming romance novel "Bon Appetit!" features Demi who is a synethesist. She tastes words, good and bad.

Bon Appetit! will release October 12, 2010 at Total-E-Bound.

Bon Appetit!
By Ashley Ladd

Demi faced the next lunch with the foursome of friends with a light, bouncy step. This time she was a bad girl, too. She’d been sick of being the good one who hadn’t been good and fucked in years, of having to hide the state of her sex life, of watching every word out of her mouth.

Lisa smoothed her skirt beneath her as she took her seat and flashed a wicked smile at her friends. She leaned close to Demi and Cassandra as Veronica was her fashionably late self. “I almost didn’t make it. Reid and Logan didn’t want me out of bed. They had me tied to the bed.”

Cassandra wiggled her brow. “You finally getting into BDSM? Did they spank you?”

Lisa chortled and repositioned her hair in its banana clip. “I whipped them first.”

Demi rested her chin on her hand and gazed at her mentors with glee. She was getting lots of good ideas for the next time Matt joined them in bed. And she enjoyed the luscious flavours of chocolate croissant melting in her mouth.

Lisa turned to Demi and put her hand on her arm. “And what about you? Have you ventured away from plain vanilla sex?”

Demi’s lips spread in a wide, sunny smile and she twisted her hair around her finger. She took a large sip of her wine and swished it around in her mouth before answering. “Not if you call vanilla sex having a ménage with two men fucking me at once.”

Too late she spied the young man who usually waited on them come up behind Cassandra and turn beet red. When he pivoted on his heel and sped away, she spit out the liquid in her mouth.

Cassandra turned her head, then giggled when her gaze followed Demi’s. “I bet we’re the talk of the kitchen.”

Lisa gaped at Demi. “You? You’ve never had eyes for anyone but Alex.”

Feeling flushed, Demi lifted her hair off her nape, but she nodded. “I know. But we needed to spice up our sex life, and when I told him about you having sex with two men, he brought home Matt as a ‘gift’.”

Cassandra’s eyes got wide. “Wow! My husband’s idea of a sexy gift is a new whip.”

Lisa nudged Demi and winked. “Is Alex fucking your new lover, too? Maybe we can have a foursome with you, me and Reid sometime.”

Veronica suddenly towered over them, then slung her purse over the empty chair. “Someone’s having a foursome? Can we come to the orgy, too?”

An elderly couple at the next table shot them dirty looks and got up and moved to another table.

Demi laughed. “We’re incorrigible. I’m surprised they let us into this restaurant.”

Veronica gave a flippant wave of her wrist then lowered herself into her chair. “This is the twenty-first century and we’re in the big city. If they don’t like us, fuck ‘em.”

Lisa raised her glass of wine in toast then clinked it to Cassandra’s, Veronica’s, and finally Demi’s glasses. “Fuck ‘em all!” they chorused.

The waiter who was enroute to their table with their salads, turned and ran back to the kitchen.

“Guys, we’ll never eat at this rate.” Demi’s stomach grumbled as if to punctuate her words. “I think our waiter just hijacked our salads.”

Veronica gulped her wine then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Who needs food? We’re going to have an orgy.”

Cassandra scowled then chewed on a bread stick. She waved it at Veronica. “I don’t know about you, but I need sustenance before I start cracking my whip. If we’re going to have an orgy, I need to build up my energy. Are you all subs or doms?”

Demi’s ears whirred and she shrugged and held her palms up. “I hadn’t thought about it.”

Lisa crooked her finger at their waiter and raised her voice, “Food please!” Then she said to Demi, “Would you rather be spanked or do the spanking? It’s that simple.”

Demi’s mind slipped back to her bedroom and her two lovers. She could definitely see them mastering her, ordering her around, having their wicked way with her. She tried to envision the reverse but didn’t find a cowering, docile man sexy. Tasting rich, gooey chocolate in her mouth again, a taste she had come to associate with great sex, she admitted, “I’m a sub. I long to be spanked and manhandled.”

The crash behind her chair made her jump, shooting her heart into her throat. Her pulse raced and she spun around. When she saw their salads littering the floor with their waiter in the middle of the mess, she had to lift her glass in toast again and say with a lopsided grin, “Bon Appétit!”

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Unknown said...

Hot Damn! I can't wait for this book! Love the excerpt.

Linda Kage said...

Oooh. Bon Appetit, Ashley. What a fun excerpt. I hope those poor ladies finally get their meal!!

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Excerpt is hott!

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