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Saturday Snippets - Secondary Characters

TGIS! Thank God it's Saturday and Saturday Snippet time.

Today's theme is "Secondary Characters". I love my secondary characters and Vance in "So You Want To Marry Our Mom" is one of my favorites. He's so irreverant, so fun, and he's a big part of the story.

I could tell you about Vance, but I think you'll enjoy meeting him much more. Enjoy!

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Jackie Duarte's deceased husband, Vance, talks to her more now that he's dead than when he was alive. When their daughter signs her up to be the bachelorette on a show where her kids get to help pick their new dad, Jackie doesn't know who drives her nuttier. The kids who act out on national TV, the ghost who won't shut up, or Doug, her best friend who's been ignoring her but declares his love after it may be too late. She doesn't need a second marriage where she's ignored. If Doug really loves her he's going to have to prove himself over the other hot bachelors ready to drown Jackie in affection and attention.


“Olivia did what?”

Vance, the ghost of her deceased husband who refused to shut up and leave her alone, piped up to her chagrin, ::Simmer down, dear. I’m sure Liv meant well…::

Annoyed that Vance butted in again, she snapped aloud, “Not now. Go away.”

“Ms. Duarte? Is everything okay?” Joey asked.

Mortified, she bit her lip. People would think her crazy if they knew she talked to her ex’s ghost. She wondered, too. She was the only person she knew who talked to ghosts.

“We’d like to meet you. Your application’s extraordinary,” Joey gushed.

::Say yes,:: Vance nagged. ::I won’t be angry if you remarry. I know how lonely you’ve been.::

She covered her phone with her hand, squinted into the vicinity of the disembodied voice’s origin, and aimed her thoughts at Vance, ::That’s so very kind of you. Now please leave me alone!::

“When can we set up an interview?” Joey vied for the top of her list of men who most irked her.

She snorted. A writer, not an actress, she’d rather battle the edits from hell than step foot in front of a camera. “I’m really not that interesting. I’m a widowed mother of four who’s struggling to make ends meet in a really tough economy. I just pushed a cart full of exotic bread, peanut butter, and jelly out of the supermarket, if that tells you anything. End of story.” If Olivia told them she was an astronaut, prime minister, or something else equally outlandish she wouldn’t be shocked. Oh, her little darling could spin a yarn. Her child had inherited her penchant for weaving a story. Usually she was proud of her daughter’s talent, but today she wasn’t so sure.

“Uh, no.” Joey sounded as if he was scratching his head in confusion. “Here it says you’re a published romance writer.”

::And does he know exactly what you write?:: Vance asked with a big smirk in his voice. ::You should have been so lusty in our bed.::

::Enough!:: Her ex had hardly talked to her when he was alive and now he wouldn’t shut up. She massaged the bridge of her nose. Why me? Wasn’t it bad enough to be a widowed, single mom? To have a kid described by a host of psychological letters?

To Joey, she said, “I use a pseudonym because my naughty stories are supposed to be secret.” Looking over her shoulder to make sure no one she knew, like her pastor, one of her kids’ teachers, or the nosy old woman next door overheard, she scrunched her nose.

Whew! Not a familiar face was in sight. Squaring her shoulders, she added, “Did Missy also inform you I have four very misbehaved, loud, and obnoxious kids? That I’m fifty?”

Vance added after a tsk tsk, ::You’re only forty-seven, babe. Don’t rush it. You’ll be here soon enough.::

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dolorah said...

That does sound like a fun read.

My last ex-husband never wanted to go out, or take vacations, or do anything but sit in front of the TV. Alwasy said we couldn't afford it

Now that we're divorced - for longer than we were married - we go out a lot. He never dated me this much before we were married. And he always pays.

Go figure - huh?


Unknown said...

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