Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Snippets: Bad Dates

Have you ever been on a bad date?

I set my cousin Vickie up with my boy friend's best friend back in high school and I thought we were having Armageddon. Whoa! What a disaster.

I was set up on a couple blind dates, too, and one was so boring falling asleep would've been more fun.

Of course, there was the terrible date where my ex-fiance tried to get me to smoke weed and date another woman (he wanted me to go out with her).

Most of us have had bad dates (maybe not my other cousin who married the only woman he ever dated) so most of us can relate to today's theme. I've had more than one bad date, so I can really relate.

In the excerpt I have for you today, the hero's and heroine's time together starts off good but rapidly deteriorates when an uninvited guest shows up.


By Ashley Ladd

Available at Total-E-Bound.


When Savi finds a beautiful bottle, she wishes for the man she loves to be proven innocent and released from jail.

To Savi’s shock, a genie fulfils her wish. Then all hell breaks loose...


He clucked his tongue and cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand, sending electric sparks through her. “Not so fast. What if I wish for you to stay with me forever? Would that work?”

She sucked in a ragged breath and gazed into his passion-glazed eyes. “It might. Only I might hate you forever.” Uncomfortable being trapped between Mark’s hard body and the cold refrigerator, she blinked herself across the room. Awesome! She could get used to her powers. Giggling with the first real glee she’d felt in forever, she blinked herself to several other spots about the apartment.

Mark scowled darkly, and grabbed a bottle of his favourite root beer from her fridge, tilted it to his lips and took a swig. “Whenever you’re done flitting around, I’m ready for my first wish.”

Finally, they were getting somewhere! She blinked herself two feet in front of him and stood at parade rest, her arms crossed over her chest, ready to grant his wish. “I am ready…master.” She was compelled to add the title much to her dismay. It must be part and parcel of the genie curse.

He drawled huskily, “Savannah, I wish you to be my sex slave.”

Astounded, simultaneously thrilled and mortified, she stared at him, her jaw slack. Again she was compelled to do her job. Nodding her head, blinking, she said in a choking voice, “Your wish will be granted, master.”

Without warning, he scooped her into his arms, against his hard chest and carried her to the bed. His warm lips caressed her forehead, her cheeks and her lips conducting a symphony in her heart.

She looped her arms around his neck and moulded her breasts to his magnificent chest which was amazingly in shape for being incarcerated for so long. Against his lips, she murmured, “This won’t make me love you.”

“We’ll see. I practice a little magic myself. Now that I’ve got you in my bed, we’ll see if the old enchantment works.”

Tingling all over, she held out her arms to him. Well aware her outfit enhanced her curves that spilled out of it, it made her feel deliciously decadent for the short amount of time he allowed her wear it. Mark made short shrift of it, tugging the bra over her head and burying his face between her aching breasts.

Mark’s hot tongue swept along the side of her breast and he moaned against her. “I’d forgotten how very beautiful you are, how wonderful you taste.”

Coherent thought fleeing, she moaned as delicious sensations coursed through her. Arching her back, she thrust her tight nipple at him. “Suckle me. It’s been so very long.” An eternity. Infinity since she’d been in his embrace, since he’d set her on fire with his mere touch.

“Anything you want, darlin’. You’re never gonna want to leave my bed.”

Technically, it was her bed, but she wasn’t about to correct him. At one time, everything that belonged to her also belonged to him, but that was no longer the case. Bathing his earlobe with her tongue, delighting in her power over him when intense shivers racked his body, she asked, “Just what is a sex slave supposed to do?”

“Anything and everything I say.”

She blinked his shirt off so that she could spread her palms over his muscled chest. This genie stuff wasn’t turning out to be half bad. She could get seriously used to this. “What is your command, master?”

“Relax and enjoy. I’m going to pleasure you, my sweet. I’ve been dreaming of holding you in my arms for so long I can hardly believe this is finally real.”

Was it real? Maybe she was dreaming or delusional to think she was an honest to god genie. But if this was a dream, she never wanted to awaken. It had been too long since she’d been in Mark’s arms, known his kisses and been wrapped in his love. “Maybe we’re both dreaming.”

His throbbing cock felt very real, extremely erotic pressed against the juncture of her legs. Starving to know his possession once more, she blinked the rest of his clothing away so that he was now at her mercy, under her spell.

“Do you still love me?” She hadn’t planned to blurt that out, but she was intoxicated by his kisses.

“I never stopped. I was afraid you’d never kiss me again. If that had happened, I might as well have stayed in jail. Life without you isn’t worth living.”

Blown away by his sweet confession, she gazed deeply into his eyes, wishing she could see into his soul. Her life had been one miserable day after another since this nightmare had erupted. And yet, she knew his life had been the one torn apart, that he had lived a nightmare each and every day while she had walked about free and relatively unscathed.

She stroked his beloved face. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” She had so needed that kind of reassurance when she’d been at her most bereft. Being painfully honest with herself, she knew she would have rejected it.

“I didn’t think you’d want to hear it even if you believed me.” He leaned his forehead against hers and cupped her bottom in his hands, pulling her inexorably closer against him. “Did you?”

Veiling her eyes from him, her warring feelings nearly tore her apart. “I don’t know. Sometimes, no. Others I longed to hear you say what you just said.”

“I’ve lost faith in this system. They were ready to hang me knowing I was innocent just to make them look good. I can’t believe they confessed.” He tucked a finger under her chin and forced her to meet his suspicious gaze. “Give me the real 411. Did you make my accuser confess?”

She licked her parched lips, squirming. “Yes and no. I wished for you to go free but only if you were truly innocent. My genie, Adara I mean, must’ve cast a truth spell on your accuser and the D.A.”

“Thank you. I died a little bit more every day I was in that god awful place, knowing I’d not done anything to deserve it, knowing I’d lost you.”

She reached down and encircled his very much alive cock in her hand. “Funny, you feel very alive to me.”

“Want me to prove it?”

“I’m your sex slave. You tell me.” She nibbled his earlobe, loving his salty taste.

“Oh yeah, I want to prove it very much.” Lifting himself high over her, he made a powerful thrust, filling her to her core, igniting flames in her belly.

On fire for him, she met him thrust for thrust, her hips thrashing in ancient rhythm, her body singing as if it had just been resurrected.

He worshipped her with his eyes, lips, and hands, caressing her as if she was the most cherished woman in the universe.

She felt like she was floating and when she opened her eyes, she was stunned to see that they were hovering high above the bed, close enough to touch the ceiling. And yet their suspended state didn’t lessen in any way the force of their drive. If they could make love floating in her bedroom, why not in the clouds or in space?

Curious, she blinked them onto a fluffy white cloud over the Caribbean.

Bright sunlight showered them as they lay atop a fluffy bed of cotton. “Have you ever seen anything so spectacular?”

Mark’s gaze adored her, making her quiver. A smile played around his lips. “You. You’re even more beautiful now than before I was sent away.”

Glowing inside, her body trembling at his nearness, she tried to remember if he’d been so charismatic before. He’d always been a charmer who made her heart sing, but not this gloriously.

“I wanted to give you the heavens.” A note of pathos rang in Mark’s sultry voice.

His kiss made her soar beyond the heavens, past the moon and the stars.

Blinking, she transported them into space, their only blanket the shimmering stars in the Milky Way. They cast a bluish-purple incandescent haze over them, so that their bare flesh reflected the brilliant colours. “All that matters is that we’re in heaven together.”

He crushed her to him, filling her impossibly deep, taking her to a magical place far beyond heaven. His lips trailed fiery liquid along the hollow of her throat, along her jaw and then he captured her lips from which he drank deeply.

Stroking in and out, his cock enflamed her. Shooting stars blazed through her. Writhing beneath him in ecstasy, she raked her fingernails down his back, clutching him to her, never wanting to let him go.

With one final plunge, Roman candles exploded inside and out. Feverishly, she drank of his kiss, wishing this night would never end.

“Would you like to explore other worlds? Travel into the future or the past?” Ragged breaths punctuated her words but she felt more wonderful than she ever had before. Heady power surged through her. She could do anything—fly, transport anywhere or change herself into anything.

“You mean like see the birth of Christ, watch Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel or find out who really shot Kennedy?” He sucked her lower lip into her mouth as his hands kneaded her waist. “Or meet our great-great grandchildren as adults?”

Furious heat stole into her cheeks. He presumed a lot. Their grandchildren? She was his sex slave, not his concubine or his wife. Yet...
Mark licked her neck, driving her crazy. “I’d like to meet them. To see if they have your stunning beauty.”

Whoa! The brakes skidded on, and she pulled back, confused. He presumed a lot and was trying to take things awfully fast. He hadn’t been out of prison a full twenty-four hours, and he wanted to meet their great-great grandchildren? How could he be so sure they had children much less grandchildren? Although the question burned on her lips, she bit it back, refusing to egg him on further.

Ignoring his question, she blinked them home, hoping he wouldn’t bewitch her with more mind-numbing sex until she got better control of her newly acquired powers. She loved him, at least she loved the old Mark with all her heart and soul, but this required serious breathing space, thinking time and Mark’s touch scattered all coherent thought. She had to make sure he was still the same man, that she was still the same woman before she committed her life to him.

Chuckling, Mark said, “This doesn’t look very futuristic.” Naughtiness quirked in his eyes and he crooked his finger at her. “Come here. I’ve not had my fill of you.”

Her pulses racing, eager for more of his kisses she went into his inviting arms and lifted her swollen lips to his. “Ordinary sex might prove boring now.”

The devil trailed hot kisses down her throat, a move guaranteed to make
her swoon, and make her knees go weak. How very well he knew her.

Melting in his arms, she arched her neck to give him better access. Nothing felt better than Mark’s lips on the back of her neck. Almost nothing. Even without the spell, her heart flipped when he touched her. He must have bewitched her.

“The genie is so submissive and loving to her new master,” a very deep, unfamiliar voice boomed behind her, yanking her out of her euphoria.

Bristling Mark pulled back, and pushed her behind him. “Did you forget to tell me something? Who is he?
Your new boyfriend?”

Available at Total-E-Bound.

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I've had a few bad dates. :) This is downloaded on my pc and waiting for me to have a few hours to sit and read. Hopefully over my holiday vacation. It looks very good!

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