Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm Back!

I'm sorry to say I've been gone a long time, but I can't deny it. The proof is here.

Can you say depression?

I hate to admit I suffer from it, but it's a fact of life. My mother had it. My mother said her mother had it.

Mine is now under control and I'm embarrassed I let it get the best of me. But I'm human and shit happens.
I hope all my readers and writing friends have been well and happy.

I've got three new stories coming out this summer at Totally Bound: Cooking Up A Storm, Business or Pleasure, and Her Men. A fourth story is on submission and my fingers are crossed that my editor will like it.

As I'm working on new novels, plus my day job, I'll post every Saturday and Wednesday.

Happy Saturday!



Kim Cox said...

Yay! Glad you're back, Elaine! So sorry to hear of your depression. My father suffered from depression and it took a while but he finally go it under control. When I was younger I had a few bouts with it myself.

I'm trying to get back to writing since I finished college last year, myself, but so many things get in the way. There's the day job that sometimes overflows into my own time and then there is my second business which is what has gotten into the way for the last month and will continue for at least another month.

I did write some in late January, early February, and I hope to really get some writing done by the end of May.

Good luck and you know I love you like a sister. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am here for you if you need me. You're a strong woman and I know you can kick depression in the butt. God Bless you.

Unknown said...

Welcome back! I suffer from it too. I've known for a long time, but hadn't been diagnosed until recently.
I take things one day at a time.
It's great to see you writing and can't wait for the new books. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks. I'm feeling a lot better. Of course I'm medicated up the ying yang.

Writing is helping so it's making me feel better, too.

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