Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Saturday I mentioned that I have three new stories coming out this summer with Totally Bound. That means I'm in the editing mode as I write this.

I love my editor for many reasons. One of them is that she won't let me get away with repeating pet phrases or starting sentences with the same word over and over and over ad nauseum.

I'm particularly appreciative of it at this moment as I'm reading a really popular novel (I won't mention names) that starts almost every sentence with one of three words: I, My, He.

I counted at least four eye rolls in less than one chapter.

Oh my!

Maybe it's because I'm hypersensitive to it while I'm in the middle of eliminating repeat phrases and trying to come up with more imaginative descriptions, or maybe it bothers other readers too. I found myself counting how many eye rolls there were, which unfortunately, pulled me out of the story.

Do you notice things like this?

Do they make you pause?


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