Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Woot! Woot!

Another one of my stories has been accepted and I'm thrilled!

It's a TS5, or in other terms, a "Totally Five Star" Hotel story for Totally Bound.

The title is "Pretend Lover", surprise surprise, about a pretend lover and also surprise surprise, set in a five star hotel.

I'm especially happy as my wonderful editor gave me glowing praise.

I really enjoyed writing this book so worry wort that I am, wondered if everybody else would hate it. But my editor says she really likes it too.

I don't know when "Pretend Lover" will be released. I don't know when the first book in the series will release. What I do know is that it's the first book in the TS5 series to be accepted.

Here's a blurb: Inundated with warring holier than thou Baptists and horny furries, Rachel doesn't think her day can get any worse. Then her ex-husband, Nate, and his new bridezilla, Caryne, show up at her hotel on their honeymoon. It's bad enough that Caryne stole her husband, but it's worse that she's torturing Rachel again. When Caryne accuses Rachel of being unable to get another man, Rachel convinces her best friend Gage to be her pretend lover.

I also threw in a Fet Con, some hyper active cheerleaders, and some other dysfunctional guests from hell. Oh, and some cookie dough! Then I mixed it all up and let the fun begin.

I had so much fun in fact, I'm working on another hotel story and turned in a synopsis for a third hotel story. After that, maybe I'll work on a nerd story. :) I'm totally in love with the Big Bang Theory nerds.

Happy Hump Day!

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