Wednesday, July 02, 2014

MFRW Book Hook: Cooking Up A Storm - Book Hooks #

Here's another Wednesday Book Hook blog hop from the MFRW authors.
This is a different excerpt from my current release at Totally Bound "Cooking Up A Storm".
Fiona returned to Brooks and beamed. “You’ve won the first challenge and will spend three fun-filled days at Jonah’s private suite at the Jamaica Resort in Montego Bay. Also, as it’s no fun to vacation alone, you may choose one of your teammates to take with you. Who would you like to take?”

Brooks didn’t think at all. He blurted out, “Rique!”

Rique’s head snapped up and his eyes looked guarded, almost worried. Then he shook his head. “No disrespect intended, but I can’t. Thank you, anyway.”

Pain seared Brooks’ heart but he mustered a smile. Had he displeased Rique? Maybe even angered him? Maybe he wanted to deter a relationship. Brooks tried to swallow back the pain and picked the least of the remaining evils, “David.”

David punched his fist in the air and jumped for joy. “Hell, yeah. I’d love to see Jamaica. Thanks, Dude.”

“No problem,” Brooks said trying to sound pleasant and not hurt as was reality, still wondering what was wrong with Rique. The charm in visiting Jamaica had faded. What fun would it be hanging out with the war monger? He doubted they’d stick together. At any rate, he planned to go his own way.

Drained from the disappointment of Rique’s rejection, he tried to regain some strength. Even if he won, Rique had made it clear he wouldn’t join Brooks on a dream trip. He wondered again if he had disappointed the other man the night before. Or maybe Rique didn’t like him and had only made love to him because of the alcohol? Or maybe, he was better at keeping his distance because he didn’t want to lose his edge in the competition?


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