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Naked Groom by Will Zeilinger - #Rocking Summer Romance




Tiffany Stonebridge is in love with aspiring chef, Richard Grainger. She rocks his world every chance she gets which leads him to max out his plastic on a ring that would light up the night sky. Richard promises her a honeymoon in Tahiti if only to impress Mr. Stonebridge.

With no way to pay for any of this, Richard secretly takes a second job as a nude artist's model. Tiffany and her rich family can never find out or things could get very ugly.

His life gets more complicated when he meets Clarise Simpson, another artist’s model…a naked one.  Their friendship goes from zero to bed in a blink.  Richard battles his feelings for both women.

Richard’s friend leaves a big old hound dog with and splits. When he misses a couple of Stonebridge family gatherings, her father thinks Richard might be babysitting someone else besides a dog.


Clarise hit him hard on the arm.  If I didn't keep one hand on the front door and the other in my pocket, I probably would have decked him.  My mother always taught me that restraint took more discipline and strength than muscle... lucky for him.

"Sure, Ha ha, whatever." I shook my head and went out to my truck.  Clarise came running outside, calling my name.

She caught up to me as I was getting into my truck.

"I'm sorry about Brandon.  He's such a jerk sometimes."

"Don't worry about it." I told her, "I'm sure there's something nice about him...seeya next week." It was considerate of her to be concerned. 

I closed the door and started the engine.  In my mirror, I could see Brandon waiting by the door with his arms folded across his chest.  As I shifted the truck into gear, Clarise walked back to him with her arms folded.  I didn't want to get in the middle of that.  I just hope he didn't think there was something going on between us.  Why would he?  Everything that was going on was going on inside of me.


Tiffany was waiting for me at her place with, what looked like, a pile of literature from every wedding planner and banquet facility in Southern California.  She was excited that something tangible was happening on the road to the wedding.  I realized this was the most important day of her life, but for both of us it will be - as the old saying goes, the first day of the rest of our lives.  What I was beginning to realize was that I didn't know very much about my intended, except she liked to shop and have sex.  For most men, the second item would've been enough and the first could've easily been a pain in the wallet.

She'd cleared off the coffee table in the family room and arranged the literature in some kind of an order, I suspect, known only to her.

"Okay Richie," she looked at me like a first grade teacher on the first day of class.  "Here's what I've researched..."

I put my hand on hers.  "Tiffany, before we go any further with our wedding plans, we need to talk." Her eyes grew very wide and she started to turn pale.  "Tiffany!  breathe..." I rubbed her back.  She gasped and ran to the kitchen, "I need a drink of water." I got up from the loveseat and followed her.  She gulped down a full tumbler of ice water and closed her eyes.  Just as I began to speak, she held up her hand.  "Just a minute Richard - before you say anything else, just answer me this... Are you breaking up with me?"

"What?" I had no idea she was this insecure about our relationship.  "No, No.  It's nothing like that."

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Rockin’ Summer Questions

What is your favorite TV show?

New? Supernatural

Old? Green Acres

What is your favorite summer activity?

Reading, swimming

What is your favorite summertime food?

Hot dogs, Bratwurst, BBQ

Who is your favorite fictional romantic couple (movie/TV/book)?

Richard Castle/ Beckett

Do you plan to do anything special this summer?

Staying home, writing a noir detective mystery with my wife. Already spent all my money on our Ireland trip earlier this spring.




I’ve been writing for over twelve years. During that time, I took novel writing classes and joined writer’s groups, but what has helps me most are published authors who mentor, encourage, critique  and listen to me while I continue to learn my craft.  I live in Southern California with my wife and are currently working on a crime novel together. Finding time to write while life happens is a challenge.


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