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Book Tour: Indigo Eyes by J. S. Goubert

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TITLE – Indigo Eyes AUTHOR – J S Goubert GENRE – Romantic suspense PUBLICATION DATE – 7th May LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 206 PUBLISHER – Fever Press COVER ARTIST – Fever Press

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“You're a fool if you get involved with her,” said Foley's friend Mark. “Look at the damage she's caused already.”

Foley knew this was true. Indiana Sedon was a total liability and he had done the one thing he had always previously avoided – fallen in love with an all-time loser, someone surrounded by tragedy and misfortune.

What had happened to him? What did he think he was doing putting his career and even his life on the line for someone who could make him feel lower than a garden gnome and, at the same time, fill him with such tenderness and desire he kept on forgetting how maddening she could be?

But then Indiana wasn't any too pleased by her own passion for Foley. He was a neanderthal, ill educated, limited, and haunted by a past he would never speak about to anyone, not even her. How could such a thing have happened and what was she going to do when every day she felt herself needing him more desperately than she had ever needed anyone before?

The sooner she put a stop to Foley the better, especially when he found out what she really wanted from him and how she intended to go about getting it. Why was it so difficult to tell him goodbye? And all of this meant nothing beside the danger she was in, the trap she had walked into and the fact that only Foley could protect her.






Disobeying her own rules, she remained in his arms, lost and bewildered, barely understanding what she was doing and why his orgasm had affected her in a way quite differently from her own. His climax made her tender, made her want to become part of him and get him to love her. Unlikely, she told herself. Lose that schoolgirl’s dream. He fell deeply asleep, his face pale, and she watched him. From now on she wanted to invigilate every passing moment of his life so that he could never leave her. But that was impossible. This was the wrong man, and she must put an end to the affair. Otherwise, the hurt would become more acute and she would be unable to play her music, mourn for poor Jack or even survive. This was a wrong choice and she should not have made it. All that rubbish about only enjoying sex and not falling in love. That was nonsense. Who could live and love in such a way? Nobody could, the rules were flawed and stupid and she blushed as she remembered what she had said to Foley in her pompous little voice, in this same bedroom an hour earlier. Very gently she disengaged herself from his arms and crept away like a thief. In the spare room she lay down, every nerve tingling from the emotions she had just experienced and, to her dismay, every part of her yearning to return to his embrace. This wouldn’t do at all. She had only got to know him the day before yesterday and she tried to order her thoughts as she lay there under the cold sheets of the spare bed, shivering from the chill and desire. On the shelf stood a row of Britton’s antique lead soldiers— personal possessions, she supposed. Had they come from Foley’s childhood or did he collect them? Her chances of winning this man were hopeless and she had decided in advance she must be cool and controlling if she were to achieve any mastery over her own feelings and his. But the greater her need for him became, the less she would be able to control herself in his presence and she would be bound to flare out or become awkward or worse, let him see how much she was beginning to love him. With Jack it had been different. She had been secure in his response to her extravagance of feeling, her passionate love for him and her rages at his occasional infidelities. But this man was guarded, wary. He had suffered, had been hurt. Those scars on his body meant there would be inner scars as well which he was too proud to show anyone. Whatever horror lurked in his past life to make him hide so deeply within himself put him beyond her reach and she would have to win him without appearing even to want him. He was considerate, passionate and loving but he would never love her or any woman, unless that woman was clever. She would have to be cunning and deceitful, make him imagine she didn’t care, run the risk of hurting him, simply in order to stay with him. And did she want that? Was he worth the effort? All her previous plans for dealing with Foley stood in disarray. What had happened tonight robbed her of her plan never to fall in love with him. I should be with him now, she thought, trying to control the tears. I should nurse him, cherish him, smile when he smiles, get what I want from him. But he can’t love me like that, and after tonight maybe I shall never lie in his arms again.


1) Why do you write erotic romance?

I’ve never had enough sex in my life and I’ m still looking for the ideal. Being a widow is hard and although I cherish many beautiful memories I still hope for a love filled future one day and that a new great love will come into my life. Erotic romance story telling is one of the ways I keep that dream alive.

2) What romance subgenres do you write in? Why?

Erotic/romance/suspense. All love affairs need a spark of danger and despair to spice things up which is why I made Indigo Eyes into a thriller. You must have pressure to stimulate the erotic. Think of Cathy and Heathcliffe, Rick and Anna in Casablanca, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’ Hara, Anna Karenina and Vronsky. Their loves are dramatized by the context of danger and suffering.

3) Are you aware of any themes that run through your stories? If so, what are they?

Death and love are, to my mind, inextricably linked. In Indigo Eyes the hero and heroine are surrounded by tragedy, brought together because of a violent death, and both are bruised and emotionally damaged by dark experiences. In most of my writing death is never very far away.

4) What would you like readers to take away from your stories?

That love can flourish in the most unexpected and unpromising of situations and the most dysfunctional people can experience real tenderness, altruism and self sacrifice because of love.

5) What inspires your stories?

Anything can inspire a story. I sometimes sit on a bus or on the subway,look at people and think – what are they going home to? What are they thinking? I bet she’s had a hard life.  Probably I’m wrong but I can’t help inventing stories even about strangers, and wondering about their lives.

Places and buildings can do the same. I lectured for a while in Savannah, Georgia, and I have never forgotten the experience and put those memories into Indigo Eyes. I love the southern United States. People can be so kind and polite and often the towns and big cities have the most amazing architecture so that you can’t help fantasizing about it all.

6) Will you be attending any book or writing conferences this year? If yes, which

ones? Where and when?

7) Do you have any book signings or author appearances coming soon? If yes, where and when?

8) What is your writing schedule?

It’s very disorganized and sporadic. I can spend whole days locked in my writing room, producing pages of fiction. Other days I sit there wondering who I am, what I’m doing and unable to pen a word. I like writing with a pencil on clean paper and it’s only later that I put the draft on a word processor, often making changes as I go along. Real life does intrude – I have family and a home to run, so sometimes I find myself working round other demands, which I’m sure most women who write have to do.

9) Do you have any other passions besides writing? If yes, what are they? Why?
 Now this is where I feel defensive. I just love small children, especially babies, and I suppose that makes me sloppy and sentimental, but I think the best thing about toddlers is they don’t judge you harshly and they can give you so much love. My other passion, believe it or not, is buttons. I have a large collection of antique buttons and the only sewing I do is button sewing. Whenever I buy a new outfit I always change the buttons because even the best of designer clothes usually has awful buttons. There used to be a tiny shop in central London called The Button Queen where you could buy buttons from the 17th and 18th centuries. The only antique buttons I possess are Victorian mother of pearl buttons for baby clothes.

10) What is your best memory?

Coming home from hospital with my youngest child just before Christmas and my husband and other children had decorated the house and made the most beautiful Christmas tree.
In Indigo Eyes the heroine confesses to her lover, Foley, that she never had a proper childhood because she was made to practice the piano all day, and all she really wants out of her life is a baby.

11) What is your favorite comfort food?

Malt whiskey, sometimes vodka and really soft red wine. Some cheeses are okay too

12) What relaxes you?

At the moment I am drinking Penderyn, Welsh single malt whiskey with a Madeira finish and it is one of the best ways I know of relaxing. Other than that, I go for long walks alo0ng the sea estuary where I live. It always looks different, is always exciting and my new novel is set here.

13) What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? How about a quote from the Beatles “ What do you see when you turn out the light? I can’t tell you but I know it’s mine…mmm I get by with a little help from my friends…”

14) What decade has been your favorite? Why?

I can’t make pets out of decades – there are too many of them! Mostly they have been okay, dreadful or catastrophic. Does that answer the question?

15) What is your favorite way(s) to promote?

I don’t really know. I’m very much enjoying writing answers to your questions because they are making me think about myself and my work in a way I’ve not done before. If I were brave I suppose I would do what a poet friend of mine did in Cardiff – stand outside the main public library handing out copies of her poems and telling people they should read them because poems are good for your health!

16) Where is your favorite place to write? Why?
I have a very tiny room crammed with books, pictures, dust and bits of paper on which I have written to-do lists of things I shall probably never do. Presiding over all this is a glove puppet of James Joyce I once found in a park in Edinburgh. He watches everything I do and sometimes I talk to him.

17) What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?

There is really only one fairy tale for an erotic romantic writer of fiction – Beauty and the Beast – which has been subject to many interpretations – the best one to my mind by the late Angela Carter in The Bloody Chamber. The Beast is always slightly menacing but essentially vulnerable, like my hero in Indigo Eyes who was modeled partly on the Beast myth.

18) What was your favorite vacation?

I spent a summer in Tatarstan in Eastern Russia where I have family through my marriage. We explored the forests in the tiny republic of Mari-Elle and swam in a lake with bright green water. It was the most unpolluted place I have ever visited and I shall never forget the experience.

19) If you have/had another career, what was it?

I was an academic university lecturer and have an international reputation as an expert on the Spanish painter Goya. I still write about Goya. Maybe one day I will write a novel about his sex life.

20) If you didn’t write, what would you do instead?
God knows, I don’t I’m afraid. Perhaps I could look after babies or sell buttons.

21) If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Lots of people would enjoy reading Indigo Eyes and tell me about it.

22) If you could describe yourself in only one word, what would it be? Why?


And that’s because the restrictions and inhibitions of our present day society seem determined to downgrade women yet again, and reduce sex to a mixture of advertising glamour or secret vice.

23) Who was your favorite American Idol contestant this year? Why?

Don’t watch the show but I love Breaking Bad.

24) Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets and if so, please tell us about them.
Now this is very sad. For years I lived with my youngest son’s pet, a little yellow parakeet called Birdie. She became my pet and would sit on me when I was writing. She was quite a feisty little bird and would peck if she felt she wasn’t being treated fairly. Last year she suddenly flew round my kitchen and dropped dead on the floor. I was devastated, feeling I had lost a true friend and we buried her in the garden in a biscuit tin and put it under a big flat stone. One of my friends said that her name – Birdie Goubert – sounded like a jazz musician, so if you read Indigo Eyes you will find one of the main characters is a jazz singer called Birdie. Of course, I found out later there really is a popular singer called Birdie, but I don’t think she sings jazz ( or maybe I’m wrong about this?)

25) What is the one thing you most want to do that you haven’t yet?

Where do you start with a question like that? I never learned to dance or make bread, I can’t skate or ride a horse, I’ve never been to many parts of the world I’d love to see and I’ve never been up in a balloon. There are hundreds of books I’ve never read, films I’ve never seen, lipsticks I’ve never tried, good deeds I haven’t done. Unlike that French singer whose name I can’t remember ( Edith Piaf?) who sings about having no regrets I’ve got cartloads, so maybe I better just apologise and say ask me the same question in ten years time when I’ve had more opportunities to tick the boxes.

26) Please tell us about your most recent release and where we can purchase it.
Indigo Eyes, by J S Goubert

27) Please give us your urls and your publisher’s url. Sarah Symmons/ J S Goubert. Com

28) Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers? Please do so here.

Well, thank you very much for having me.


J S Goubert lives in East Anglia and has published several previous books under different pseudonyms and a number of short stories. Indigo Eyes is her first romantic novel.


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