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Interview with Angela Drake, Author of Somewhere Down The Line



Please welcome Angela Drake to my home and enjoy her candid interview with me.


  1. Why do you write (erotic) romance?
    I don’t pick my sub-genre of romance. Rather the sub-genre picks me. So whether it be erotica, paranormal, historical… I let the characters tell me who they are and what they want.
  2. What romance subgenres do you write in? Why?
    Contemporary, paranormal (ghosts or witches), historical (usually western), erotica and erotic suspense. As to the why – just whatever story idea pops into my head.
  3. Are you aware of any themes that run through your stories? If so, what are they?
    I love to include holidays. And all of my sub-genres with the exception of the erotica usually include child(ren)
  4. What would you like readers to take away from your stories?
    That second chances are possible. Whether those opportunities are a reunion with an old love or just trying love again. I believe The One is out there for everyone.
  5. What inspires your stories?
    Oh goodness. Song titles/ lyrics are probably my strongest influence. But bits of history or even an obituary has sparked ideas.
    6) Will you be attending any book or writing conferences this year? If yes, which
    ones? Where and when?
                I will be at the ORACon2014 in Springfield MO on September 20, 2014. Although sponsored by the local Ozarks Romance Writers, this is a fabulous multi-genre conference. You don’t have to write romance to learn how to write a good story. My other is the Ozarks Creative Writers Conference. This is the 47th year for this great multi-genre conferences in one of my favorite communities – Eureka Springs AR.

  1. Do you have any book signings or author appearances coming soon? If yes, where and when?
    I am still contemplating a table at the Eureka Springs conference. But my other appearances, since this is an eBook only, are all on various blogs at the moment. I will be part of the Hot Days and Hotter Nights Blog Hop August 14/15/ 16/17 -
    And I’ll be appearing at MuseCamp in October.
  2. What is your writing schedule?
    My day job as a music publicist has it’s own set of hours. My fiction work comes in a couple hours after dinner in the evenings… usually between 8 and 10 p.m.
  3. Do you have any other passions besides writing? If yes, what are they? Why?
    I LOVE music. Most kinds (not a rapper/ metal/ head banger kind of gal) My day job is all about promoting Texas and traditional country artists as a publicist and entertainment writer. I also love big band, 50’s 60’s, 70’s, and orchestra. One of my dearest friends is an international conductor. I try to see his performances live whenever I can.
    I also am a paper artist and art journaler.
  4. What is your best memory?
    I have 2. One is the day I kissed my husband and truly saw fireworks. Those do really exist! The other is the day my youngest granddaughter was born. I was present at the birth of both of my granddaughters but seeing Abby come into this world then I was first to hold her after the nurse.
  5. What is your favorite comfort food?
    BBQ or really good fried chicken
  6. What relaxes you?
    Being in the presence of my husband. I can have the worst day on the planet and just having him near makes my world right. Sappy, huh?
  7. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
    Sitting in a book store for hours (yes, HOURS) reading all the new art magazines/ books then trying to narrow down the purchases for Keepers
  8. What decade has been your favorite? Why?
    One I was not born in. I love the 40s. The music was incredible then. I’d have loved to have been in one of those clubs where the music was real and people knew how to dance.
  9. What is your favorite way(s) to promote?
    Being on blogs (thank you, Ashley) and talking to readers in person
    I haven’t hit on the write ‘print’ material yet but librarians tell me they love book marks.
  10. Where is your favorite place to write? Why?
    At my desk if I’m home alone. I can get up and stretch, do other stuff when I get stuck then come back to the keyboard when something breaks.
    If I leave the house, then I have a coffee place I go to. They have kitchen table/ chairs. The background music is good and they spoil me.
  11. What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?
    Cinderella. I like that the story is about finding that ‘right fit’. And you thought it was all about the shoe, didn’t you J
  12. What was your favorite vacation?
    I spent 12 days traveling around Texas… alone. Met some amazing people, saw beautiful country and really connected with a state that I’ve always been drawn to.
  13. If you have/had another career, what was it?
    I’ve been a waitress, a daycare provider and a crafts instructor. I loved my job as a craft instructor the most.
  14. If you didn’t write, what would you do instead?
    Play with paper/ ink/ paint all day in my art journals.
  15. If you could have one wish, what would it be?
    To have my babies closer to home. My daughter and her family moved from Nashville (5 hours away) to WA state (too far away!). I miss having my granddaughters here for the summer but I know this was a good move for all of them. And they are thriving in their new home.
  16. If you could describe yourself in only one word, what would it be? Why?
    Organized – As far back as I can remember, everything had to be in a specific spot or I could not function. I’m still like that. Odd for an artist, isn’t it?
  17. Who was your favorite American Idol contestant this year? Why?
    haven’t watched for a couple years.
  18. Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets and if so, please tell us about them.
    My husband calls me Dr. Doolittle. If there is a critter anywhere near us, they’ll find me. I love my cats. I have 2 – Spirit is 5th generation Panther. And Goddess who looks like she’s part raccoon. We also have 3 big dogs – all whom chose me.
    Then living in the country, we have all kinds of wild life – none of which are afraid of me. I hand feed a raccoon. Ms Thing loves her graham crackers.
  19. What is the one thing you most want to do that you haven’t yet?
    Go back to Virginia. I lived there at a point in my life when I didn’t appreciate the history. I have a series I want to set in the house I lived in and explore the history.
  20. Please tell us about your most recent release and where we can purchase it.
    Somewhere Down the Line is my 2012 Nanowrimo Novel. The story came from an incident I experienced earlier that year – reuniting with a musician friend I’d not seen in almost 25 years. I sat in his driveway and was petrified to get out of the car. Silly, I know. But from that one incident the ‘What if?’ popped into my mind. I wrote the rough draft in 18 days. The song title is one of the songs his band recorded in the early 1980s.
           "Tell me you don`t remember anything special about that night in   
          Abilene, and I`ll pretend I never asked."

It all began twenty-five years ago on the road: a charming crooner with a boyish grin fronting an up-and-coming Country/Western band, an entertainment journalist with everything to prove, and a love that could never be. A love that was wrong.


Things have changed. Trey Morison and Alana Cozins are finally free to act on their desires, but is it really possible after all this time? From the Abilene Fairgrounds to a storm-swept beach on Galveston Island, from a reunion of friends to a fast-and-furious realization of their passion, Trey and Alana will test the boundaries of what they think they know-and what they know they want. They`ll find a renewed career, a deeper understanding of themselves, the past and each other. And it all begins with a hit song that`s a heartfelt prayer that unwavering love might finally be rewarded…



  1. Please give us your urls and your publisher’s url.
    TWITTER: AngelaDrakeA
    Boroughs Publishing Grp:
    28) Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers? Please do so here.
        I’m working on a 3-book historical series now. Set in Texas. And there are more partials to be finished. I love to keep in touch with my readers, so please follow me or sign up for my newsletter by emailing me: Please put NEWSLETTER in the subject line.
    Thanks for having me in, Ashley. This has been great fun!
    You’re welcome, Angela! I really enjoyed reading your interview answers. I hope to meet you in person one day. Ashley


Wanda Kay said...

Wow, that was an extensive interview. Some interesting questions. Your book is on my to read soon list.

AngelaDrake said...

Thank you, Wanda Kay... and for your support. Blessings

Brenda "Disney Girl" said...

Wonderful interview!!

Angela Drake said...

Thank you, Brenda, for taking time to pop in. I know you're super busy. Hugs!

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