Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Her Men - #MFRW #Bookhooks

It’s hump day again, better known on my blog as MFRW Book Hooks day.

Have you lost a love and wished to get him or her back? Have you dreamt about your lost lover? Repeatedly?

Or have you had a friend you wished was more?

Have you ever experienced romantic feelings for more than one person simultaneously? Have you wished you could have both, that you didn’t have to choose? I should be so lucky. I can’t decide if I’d rather have Captain Jack Sparrow or Will Turner so can I have both? At least for one night?

In my newest erotic romance, “Her Men”, Julie wants both her ex-boyfriend Timmy and her old friend James. They’re both extremely yummy and she’s dreamt about both for years. She’s in a quandary and the men aren’t making it easy for her to choose between them. She’s been miserable without them for years so she doesn’t want to screw up and choose the wrong one now and suffer more regrets.


Short excerpt:

She yearned for her fantasy to come true and if she read Tim correctly, it could come at least half true. He seemed eager to roll her into bed. But would he be amenable to adding James to the equation?

Would James want her singly, much less in a ménage? He’d looked angry to see Tim popping out of her room so maybe that was a good sign. Maybe he was interested in her. Or maybe he had been until then…

Damn it all, anyway.


Buy link: Her Men


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Allison Merritt said...

This book has a beautiful cover, Ashley. Nice excerpt.

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